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Truth is attested to by actions as well as words. Wearing a mask, Mr. Biden has told us, is essential to saving lives. But on inauguration night, there he was, celebrating, maskless. His press secretary, in a searing moment of truthfulness, told us it was fine because he had “bigger issues” to worry about.

That admission, in its own way, was a clarifying one, capturing as it did the real meaning of our new era of truth and unity: the truth is that our unity will be achieved by your doing what we tell you to do.

Gerard Baker
January 25, 2021
America, It’s Time for ‘Unity’—or Else
[Via email from Paul K.—Joe]


7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Gerard Baker

  1. He’d already been vaccinated, as had the VP and others in the administration. So not wearing a mask was bad optics, but not irresponsible. There are lots of things to condemn Biden for, but this isn’t one of them.

    • I thought it took 3-4 weeks to build anti-bodies? But your right about things to condemn Biden for. In fact, If people were honest about Joe, and those things. They would have never made Kamala Harris/Obama president in the first place.
      But since they did. We can only conclude that public education has prevailed as planned. And that we have a documented 81 million people with shoe-size IQ’s in America, with attention spans measured in nano-seconds.
      I was hoping to be dead and gone before we got to the idiocracy stage of government, but alas. Hope is a poor plan.

    • John, if (a) that was the answer given and (b) his administration hadn’t been arguing that masks and isolation will continue even after vaccination, that would have been a valid answer. But the answer was “it’s not important enough for him” rather than “he’s been vaccinated”. And that’s a “do as I say not as I do” type of dismissal.

      • If the proletariat has to wear the mask even four weeks after vaccination, he should, too. After all, he was the one who excoriated President Trump for not wearing a mask on TV press conferences when President Trump was much more than six feet away from the mewling, puking, whining, servile, rabid press.
        Therefore, if he had “More important concerns”, it is from the same cloth as the Global Warming Czars who jet all over the world in airplanes while they tell us we should live in fifth floor walkups and take the bus or train everywhere to cut down on the Carbon emissions they create. Austerity for the little people. It’s good to be the king.

  2. I too have bigger issues to worry about AND I know I have Covid-19 antibodies. I wear a mask when the company is paying me to do it.

  3. Slow Joe and his maskless moment? Just more of the lefts mantra….
    “rules for thee, not for me”.

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