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Ms. Unger is right to compare the GME short squeeze to the Jan 6 ‘insurrection’ only because both events are causing the ruling class to panic; not because of a real threat to ‘free markets’ or democracy but due to the ruling class feeling threatened by both.

danwiddis @BeNiceToRobots
Tweeted on January 29, 2021 in response to this:

[It’s good to know she is a former commissioner.

But it’s not former enough. Any news media with a lick of sense should have never have published something as wacky as this unless they were going make an example of her.—Joe]


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  1. Laura Unger? The government’s Dot-Com Bubble Blond! Were she around at the time, she would probably still think Washington Mutual’s filing were good!
    She’s as believable as Mr. Dorsey’s “Fact Checkers”. And about as programmed as Max Headroom.
    One can almost hear Dan Akroyd say, Laura, You ignorant slut! You got a D+ in math!

  2. You spelled Commissar wrong. 😉
    MTHead; She’s also as believable as Baghdad Bob or Axis Sally. 😛

  3. An excellent and relatively insightful quote!

    The very notion of liberty has always been a primary threat to those who would rule, and so of course it’s nothing new that they’d portray liberty as a scourge. The one and only thing that’s changed in America and the Western World is this: The wannabe rulers now feel completely comfortable in opposing liberty openly, and they have every reason to feel comfortable.

    It says as much about us as a people as it does about the power-hungry that they now feel comfortable speaking openly against liberty, portraying it as a disease, an infestation or plague, to be dealt with like any other infestation or plague.

    The power-hungry have always been among us, but in the past they’ve had to keep their heads down to some extent, hiding in the woodwork, always testing the waters a little bit, and then retreating, and then doing it again. Now they’re standing up, totally unabashed, and asserting themselves. And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is an indictment against us!

    We’ve always known they were around. We always knew their intentions and their tactics, and much of their plans, because here and there, now and then, in dibs and dabs, they’ve always told us! But we never took them seriously. It’s always happened this way, over and over and over, throughout the ages!

    If we were a truly noble people, the criminals would be hiding forever in the woodwork and the shadows where they belong, but now that we’ve been sufficiently demoralized, conditioned and indoctrinated, they have nothing in the world standing in their way. No force on Earth opposes them but in vain gesture only, easily mocked, threatened and cowed.

    Thus we slouch back to the murderous times of Roman debauchery, Roman spiritism, and rule by those who believe they’re making themselves gods. Any of you know any history know well enough how this works. It’s always the same.

    The Reformation gave us a few centuries respite, and it was a relatively nice run, but it’s right back to the Dark Ages for us now. The coming “new world order”, which is the same old world order, but more powerful, will be welcomed with relief by the secular world, and with shouts of “hallelujah!” and the like from the religious world.

    First the compromised secular authorities are shouting, “We need order!” and the compromised religious authorities are crying, “We need God!”, and that ancient and most corrupt system is appealing equally to both, exercising spectacular cleverness, and the whole world is thereby uniting! It’s already happening so if you haven’t seen it already, you will soon.

    What was that quote? Oh yeah; “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.” 1 Thessalonians 5:3

    Just sayin’. But it has a happy ending, so there’s that!

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