Imagine Boomershoot 2021

To the best of my knowledge Boomershoot is the last publicly accessible “dynamite shoot” in the country and perhaps the world. For 40 years there were one or two each year in Gateway Colorado. June 8, 2019 was their last one. Cancellation details are here.

There were a few shoots in Missouri back in the 2006 timeframe. But they have been gone for a long time.*

There are some explosives and fireballs at Knob Creek each year. But there aren’t 1,500 or more targets consuming over a ton of explosives.

Via “(no attribution, please)”:


On July 4th 2021, Congress passes the America’s Freedom From Fear Act.

It prohibits all gatherings of 5 or more people when shooting firearms, outside of sanctioned shooting range events and licensed hunting events.

You would now risk jail time if you went to Boomershoot in 2022, and Joe would risk far more jail time to host the event. Boomershoot is toast.

How will you feel about how you spent April 30th to May 2nd 2021, The Last Boomershoot?

There’s still space available.

Don’t wait.

We’ve had a surprising number people sign up this month. There was nothing since at least early April. Then starting on January 3rd.through today there were 11 different positions reserved or people added to existing positions,

There are still 28 positions left and if the weather cooperates I can make space for a couple more. If you are thinking you might need an opportunity to hone your long range rifle skills this is the place and time. The earthshaking, echoing, thunder of a Boomershoot target is most pleasurable feedback I know of for connecting your bullet with a target.

* There is a very sad story to go with this. It’s not really appropriate Internet material but I’d be glad to share if you ask me about it face-to-face sometime.


11 thoughts on “Imagine Boomershoot 2021

  1. I’m far from capable of hitting anything that far out, but I wouldn’t mind attending as a spectator.

    • You might surprise yourself! The first Boomershoot we attended the treeline seemed like a mile away. Years later and now I’m irked my range at home only has steel out to 400!

  2. Of those 11, 2 are fbi, 3 are dhs, 1 is fusion center rep, 1 is a local cop, 1 is a staple police, 2 are informants, and one is a new customer.

    • If the local police show, it will be to enjoy themselves. And if the others show.? They will enjoy it also. They just won’t admit it in their reports.
      Otherwise their bosses won’t let them go to the next one! It’s almost impossible to not laugh when those things go off.
      At our machine gun shoots in So. Oregon. The door prize was using a suppressed rifle to shoot a pound of tannerite. Even the BATFE that was present would laugh and cheer, clap their hands. It’s just good clean fun.
      I’ve seen liberal reporters come up with Cheshire cat grins after firing a burst of full-auto!
      And crowds of grown men giggling like little girls from suppressed 22 fire.
      Git your slot before the government does. It’s fun!

    • 🙂

      All were either people who had attended before or referred by someone who attended before. So… I think there are hypothesizes which match the data better than your assertion.

      I’m not saying it’s impossible to be close to the truth. Just unlikely.

      And I almost always invite the ATF inspectors to visit during an event. And when the FBI occasionally calls me up to chat I try to invite them as well. To the best of my knowledge they have never taken me up on the invite.

  3. I’ve operated under the assumption that all license plates were surreptitiously recorded by someone in authority since the first shoot I attended, 20 years ago. Didn’t stop me from having a hell of a lot of fun and honing skills. Thanks to the Boomershoot and my prep for it, my long range skills improved about 1000%, from not hitting a single target the first year, to getting a little bored with destroying 4 inch targets, 750 yards away by the last year I attended.

    I don’t know if I’ll make it this year, but to those who haven’t gone and are contemplating it – do it! There’s lots of cheerful help available and you’ll learn a lot.

  4. If awards are given to whoever hits X targets at Y distance, wouldn’t that be a sanctioned event?

    • Sanctioned/licensed/approved by what government agency? Or even what nationally recognized shooting association?

  5. I don’t see a law like this “Freedom From Fear Act” happening. Why?
    Simple. The left doesn’t want to restrict shooting activities to fewer than
    5 people at a time…..they want to restrict shooting activities completely,
    As in the ONLY people owning guns and allowed to shoot being those
    with badges who WORK FOR THEM. And they’ve already introduced
    the legislation to make that goal a reality.

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