Quote of the day—Ellen Meister @EllenMeister

Every Republican now calling for unity is like the abusive husband who beats the shit out of his wife for 4 years, and then, when he’s finally arrested, says, “Baby, if you don’t press charges we can make this work.”

Ellen Meister @EllenMeister
Tweeted on January 9, 2021
[And this, my psychology students, is called “Projection”.

It has been the Democrats who I have been hearing calling for unity.

These people are evil, incredibly ignorant, and/or have severe mental issues.

The Democrats abuse of President Trump over the last four years, and now Republicans in general has been absolutely legendary. And now they want “unity” as they ban dissent, cause Trump supporters to get fired, and deplatform websites that allow the allow free speech?

Good luck with that guys. You’re going to need it.

One measurement of how unified they have made our country are the 10s of thousands of troops in D.C. we have for the inauguration.—Joe]


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  1. What does that say about the Republicans (and others) who AREN’T calling for or striving for unity?

    Jeff B.

    • Last I checked, Republicans (the rank and file, at least) have been comparing the Democrats calling for unity to the abusive husband.

      And for good reason.

      After all, the last four years weren’t crazy because of President Trump. They were crazy because of the Democrats.

  2. Tens of thousands of troops in DC for the inauguration… that they are frantically vetting for political reliability.

  3. We are getting more unified everyday. As a 100 million Trump voters are figuring out no one is coming to the rescue. Just ask Kyle Rittenhouse. (Of all the people that should have been pardoned!)
    We might have to start running in packs. But were Americans. And we scare the shit out of the rest of the world. And a large part of our own population, I might add. We will do what needs doing.
    And to show them we aren’t going away anytime soon. We need a good slogan. How about; FOC! (F#%k Off Commie!) Instead of a MAGA hats. It’s FOC hats from now on!

  4. James Woods tweeted similarly of Democrats on 11/08/2020:

    And just like that the rioting and looting has ceased overnight. And now the half of the country that pummeled America like a battered wife is telling her to put on sunglasses, hide her black eye, be a good girl, and “come together as one.” Her answer? “Go f*** yourself.”

  5. I predict the midterms will be epic. If the country doesn’t descend into total ungovernable chaos by then.

  6. What I find frustrating is that pretty much all of my neighbors are decent people, smart, and strongly left-leaning, and they all uniformly dismiss any and all evidence of election fraud in one way or another. They simply refuse to look, or if they look they see selectively and minimize or discount it all. They don’t want to read any of the comprehensive reports, specific reports dealing with specific fraud issues, or anything. If ever there was “two movies” scenario this is it. What to me is blatant, widespread, obvious, flagrant, and in-our-faces just… doesn’t exist to them. They simultaneously believe Trumps election fraud in collusion with Russia in 2016 wasn’t investigated enough, but think there isn’t enough evidence to warrant any investigation now – claims of fraud are just “conspiracy theories.” It’s frustrating. It is hard to have a discussion with someone when you cannot even agree on basic observable facts.

    • Then the only real question is how much pressure will it take for them to turn you in for something? Cause their Kulaks now also. They won’t see it even when their being put in a cattle car either.
      You can put Trump Won stickers on their cars and let Antifa take care of them for you?
      As you point out, logical discourse no longer works. So save yourself. By any means necessary.

  7. LawDog put it best: I solemnly promise to show his Presidency the same grace and support his followers showed his predecessor.

    I’d even take the high road and promise to show Gropey Joe more grace and support than his followers showed his predecessor…

    … which would put Biden right about the level of last month’s warm garbage, but decidedly a notch or two higher than the stagnant pond scum they considered Trump.

    Also, the Democrats don’t want “unity”; they want conformity. Dissenting speech will be de-platformed, unapproved ideas will be banned, wrongthink will be punished. Conform, or find out that “healing” is a misspelling.

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