Quote of the day—Tony Perkins

This is not just an attack on free speech. This is an attack on an entire movement of people with the intent of driving them underground—keeping them from getting jobs, having legal representation, and even cutting them off from legitimate financial transactions.

Tony Perkins
President, Family Research Council
The Conservative Purge Is Only Just Beginning
January 12, 2021
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9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Tony Perkins

  1. I agree. And since “getting jobs” is already controlled by government taxation and vital statistics bureaucracy, “having legal representation” by a government-sanctioned legal cartel, and “legitimate financial transactions” by a government-spawned banking cartel, the average person’s access to such things is already pretty tenuous.

    • I guess we can ask some illegal aliens how they do it. The same people trying to cut us out are the same people that are aggressively disinterested in detecting people getting paid under the table.

  2. What you’re all saying then, is this;
    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.. Revelation 13:17

    Yes, it’s been said now for two millennia. So what’s your point?

    Be it understood, however, that this long predicted attack on free speech isn’t an attack on “conservatives”* per se, though for a while it will continue to look like it.

    Ultimately it’s an attack, still by proxy, on the fundamentals, and the fundamentalists, from which “conservatives” limply, often accidentally, get what little they have in the way of principles.

    *One may seek to “conserve” anything, of course, and so the word “conservative” can have just about any meaning one might wish to assign to it. For example, “conserving” ancient authoritarian/pagan systems, though often upheld with reverence as “tradition”, might just as well be called “conservative values”. A Marxist Stalinist then too, might just as well qualify for the title, “conservative” as would any libertarian. The point in this case being that the popular labels are always flexible, non-specific, by design. They conveniently avoid any direct observation or discussion of the two opposing sets of fundamental principles which are at war in the world.

    So it is that we fight a war almost entirely by proxy almost all the time, we exchange volleys of insinuation and innuendo, avoiding the blatant and direct confrontation of the fundamental principles at play. Thus maximum confusion is preserved until the very end, by which time all allegiances will have been set.

    Having made a way of life out of avoiding the fundamentals, having turned such avoidance into a profession, we’ll have been conditioned to reject them with all fervor, even (and indeed especially) when we need them most.

  3. Has anyone considered that this is a reaction to a the anti-communist movement that is rising in America. By congresses Chinese handler’s?
    Not that communist’s aren’t pushy in the first place. But all this seems a major escalation.
    Generally all the bluster and talk is to prepare a base for works 10 years down the road. This appears to be going on out of a sense of desperation? One can smell it.
    Me thinks they doth protest to much.

    • For that matter, the same thing could be said about the massive deployment of troops.

  4. A thought.
    A major part of warfare is misdirection and deception.
    Another part is propaganda. And, again intelligence-gathering.
    Think variations of Operation Trust and Hundred Flowers Campaign.
    Allow those on the left to think the have total control, now and into the future, just long enough to let them start flexing and reveling in revealing themselves and their totalitarian tendencies. Then, when everyone thinks it’s too late to do something… he does something. All the normies have caught a glimpse of what is under the leftist mask – the conservatives already know. All the fence-sitters and corrupt and compromised people step forth or start communicating more freely to be netted last second. THEN strike.

    This morning, Sec State Pompeo tweeted out a pic of Washington crossing the Delaware…. Whatever might that mean? Buckle up. Not much time left before each side’s expectations are proven right or wrong.

      • Sadly, that will be needed.
        there are people on both sides who might need to call that, for real, if it goes against them. some are seriously medically depressed and desperate, some are good and decent from just at the end of their rope for some reason, and this will push them over the edge for one reason or another.

        One of the Q drops had the line “suicide weekend” and there are at least three very reasonable interpretations of that line. One of them is the number of ordinary people who off themselves because of what’s revealed, finding out how the world actually works, and what their unintentional contribution to it was.

        I hope no regular readers of this blog are in need of it, but if they are… thank you for posting it.

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