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We would be able to tell if they were folded, if they were counterfeit, whether they were filled out by a human hand, whether they were printed by a machine, whether they were batch-fed continually over and over, we can detect every bit of that.

All of these problems that you’ve heard today can be corrected and detected now by the simplest of things. It takes you days or weeks to recount votes. Give me these 500,000 ballots, we’ll have them done in two hours.

Jovan Pulitzer
December 30, 2020
Georgia Senate Panel Requests Forensic Audit of Fulton County Absentee Ballots
[This should settle this issue:

One of the county’s polling managers previously told state lawmakers that she opened a box of mail-in ballots with a batch of 110 that were “pristine” and not folded, indicating that they were never put in secrecy envelopes, as is required.

Pulitzer said that he and his team can detect if that’s the case.

I will feel a lot more comfortable about the next few months, perhaps years, being relatively peaceful if this issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the vast majority of people.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jovan Pulitzer

  1. The fraud was obvious. It’s nice to see those issues being addressed. For once. Instead of feeling like a pizza flopped down between the Abram’s sisters.
    What we truly need to see is arrests and convictions. Speedy trials. Perp walks. Orange jumpsuits. Long sentences.
    Which, to me is something Trump should have been delivering all along.

    • Perp walks and such, even a major purge of the Deep State, which would be the only thing to make any difference in the long run? That’s what you’re really talking about; a major, nation-wide purge. Nothing else would make any difference. Maybe even a French Revolution style purge?

      That’ll happen only if and when they are (Rome is) ready for war, or the final “reset”. And neither will be for the good.

      Otherwise this will go like every other Republican assertion, claim or promise; lots of noise, lots of media pundits shouting into microphones, pretending to be ever-so-concerned, with the only result being our elevated irritation.

      And anyway; how can satan cast out satan? The is what we’re asking to have happen. Jesus asked this of the Pharisees, and I ask this now; How can the Deep State cast out the Deep State? For a deep state truly divided against itself cannot stand. Go ahead and keep your hopes up if it makes you feel better, but at this stage we are contemplating the impossible.

      There may very well be a few perp walks, but the only real change to come out of it will be in our imaginations, and even that will be temporary. It’s always right back to business for the left.

      • There are more than 200,000 sealed federal indictments. The purge is coming. The problem is that there are a lot of people who are watching a totally different movie, and speedy trials and executions they’d see as an obvious military take-over.

        Take a neighbor of mine, for instance. Very smart woman. Several technology patents to her name. Testified before congress as an expert witness. Works as senior-ish person for large tech corporation. Well traveled. Generally well read and down to Earth as near as I can tell. Also thinks the election was very clean and honest with not fraud of any significance, and the only foreign interference there has been recently is Russian. Genuinely thinks the courts have been getting packed by republicans for a solid decade or more.

        Uhhhhh…. wut? How? Are you serious? Yes, she’s dead serious. Where do I even start in a conversation like that? I mean yes, the Rs have been filling empy judicial seats with more conservative people in just the last four years, but to say they have been packing the courts [with conservatives] for decade, when O was Trump’s predecessor? The mind boggles. But at least she can see that people are obviously being divided against each other for some reason, so that’s a start.

  2. When you’re up against the concept of mass irritation as a tool for social and political change, and don’t know about it, and therefore don’t understand how it’s applied or how it works within the psyche, you’ll always be frustrated and angry regarding world politics, religion and economics. This election issue won’t be resolved, because it’s not supposed to be resolved. Resolving it to the satisfaction of the vast majority, as you put it, would defeat its purpose.

    If you can research and understand how hypnosis (or to give credit to one of its modern progenitors, Mesmerization) works, then you’ll be well on your way to understanding global social politics, media, entertainment, most religion, music, and culture.

    In its simplest, crudest form; that which shocks you and/or irritates you (any cause of powerful emotion) controls you, even as you fight against it (no; especially as you fight against it). Every elementary school classroom bully understands this intuitively– If he’s dedicated, persistent, and willing to endure pain, he can, and sometimes does, control the majority of a class, including the teacher, and possibly even the administration.

    Simple as it is, surely we can all understand it as well, and thus overcome it? Alas no.

    That little boy classroom bully, or one of his more pathetic victims (it doesn’t matter which– They have become one in the same mindset) may grow up to join a street gang. Several steps up, with some training and tutelage from the Alinskyites et al, at university, and after some careful selection, now he’s a political operative in a global institution, working with media representatives and helping to coordinate the community organizing efforts in several countries.

    Why. On Earth. Would these same people then wish to “resolve”, to your satisfaction, that dissatisfaction which they’ve worked so hard and for so long to accomplish?

    • Yes Lyle. There will always be a big gap between what needs to happen. What we want/hope to happen. And what will happen.
      And I believe most people reading Joe’s blog are NOT under any delusions about what IS happening.
      As the same crap has been going on since, like, Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.
      The only true delusion is thinking it’s going to end. To me we need evil, in order to learn to fight evil. Which to me is also the obvious point of existence in the first place. Pope or no Pope. Were just entertaining ourselves till the next fight starts. And we little people get our asses kicked. The big question is always. Will you get back up and fight again?

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