Why the police didn’t search the RV in 2019

To better answer the questions that come to mind after this comment I give you the following. From Police Say They Tried to Contact Nashville Bombing Suspect Anthony Warner After 2019 Warning:

Nashville police said Wednesday that they repeatedly tried to reach Anthony Warner, the deceased suspect in the city’s Christmas Day bombing, soon after being told in 2019 that he was making bombs inside an RV at his home.

Joel Siskovic, a spokesman for the FBI in Memphis, said Wednesday there was no allegation of a crime made at the time to the bureau or police.

“If we were going to take action like a search warrant, we would have had to have probable cause,” Mr. Siskovic said. “We weren’t even at the stage where a crime had been alleged.”

The person who told the police he was making the bombs was his girlfriend who told them this did so after the police were called to the home because she was making suicidal threats.That visit didn’t provide a solid enough basis to get a warrant:

The woman, who officers determined was in need of a psychological evaluation, identified herself as Mr. Warner’s girlfriend and warned police that her boyfriend “was building bombs in the RV trailer at his residence.”

Assuming all this is true, I have to give law enforcement a pass for not stopping the bomber much earlier.


7 thoughts on “Why the police didn’t search the RV in 2019

  1. Ah… finally a good justification for, as they say, “sticking your dick in crazy”:

    They can’t testify against you.

    Now we can appropriately label the upper-left half of the upper left quadrant of the hot-crazy matrix.

    • Well, yes, but you have to induce them to be complicit in such a way that they can’t become what the IRS refers to as the wronged spouse. If they decide to divorce you, and 70% of all filings are done by the one who desires to be the ex wife.

  2. Having known some crazy broads… this is accurate.
    Men will make accusations too, I’ve encountered them, but scorned/crazy women have always been the ones making outlandish accusations.
    Never could figure out why.

    • Perhaps it has to do with what one does when one does not have a reality-conforming rational basis to one’s thought process.

      If the things that you perceive happen because you “feel” very strongly that they should work that way, then it follows that anything one “feels” should happen, must be true.

      To wit:
      1) Someone has hurt my feelings (whether or not this is reasonable is unimportant)
      2) I want their feelings to be hurt just as badly in return
      3) Their feelings would be very hurt if they were thrown in prison
      4) Accusing them of something impressively dramatic (in proportion to #1) would result in #3 and thus #2

      Thus the accusation in #4 feels true in exactly the same vein that #2 feels true. Actual verifiable facts, evidence, causation, etc are irrelevant to the matter. What does matter is that the intensity of the accusation equals the intensity of the emotion.

      How can someone live like that in this day and age? Well, frankly, we live in an age of magic, in the sense that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. How many people today haven’t the first clue of the basic principles on which an internal combustion engine works, or how a computer or the internet functions, or how orbital dynamics that keep the satellites in the sky are straightforward applications of Newtonian physics? And yet, they use a car, a computer, GPS navigation, et ceteras. When the world is a panoply of amazing things that have their own animating spirits, and they all work as long as you do the right rituals like putting magic chemical in the gas tank or attaching the magic cable to the magic wall socket to feed the spirit, these things will continue to act as you feel they should, and when they don’t, it is a personal betrayal.

      Every met someone that gets angry when their computer doesn’t work? Why bother? Computers are machines of voltages and currents. They operate by known principles. If it is not doing what you expect, then a) your expectations are inaccurate b) the preconditions for what you want it to do are not right (and it is probably telling you) c) there is a malfunction d) the flawed nature of man has been manifest through an error in the coding. Getting angry doesn’t help with any of those. Being frustrated is understandable, but that’s a state internal to your mind, and it is unconnected to the flow of electrons inside a CPU. Bashing the keys on the keyboard certainly won’t do anything, especially since they are on/off switches and there’s no emphasis that can be conveyed to the computer by putting 20 pounds of force on the escape key.

      • Well, as I am fond of saying, “You can’t nag a computer into behaving,” People, on the other hand . . .

      • Well, frankly, we live in an age of magic, in the sense that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

        Whose fault is that? People don’t communicate how anything works to those who aren’t already “in the know,” very few are curious enough to seek out that knowledge, and everything is so wrapped up in jargon that most people’s eyes glaze over whenever they ask for, and receive, any kind of an explanation.

        Also, many things are nearly impossible to make “relatable” without going far back in time. As an example, all digital photography (one of my hobbies) relates directly back to film techniques just with a digital sensor. I’m old enough to have shot enough film to be able to relate. You end up doing “photography math” using the film numbers and convert over based on your sensor size (unless you have an extremely expensive camera). Or, you end up giving up and automating part or all of it–but this gives you much less control over the final product. If you try to teach someone else this stuff, odds are they will groan, roll their eyes, and ask why you are dwelling on all of this old, irrelevant film stuff, and give up.

        Most digital things are direct extensions/analogues of analog/physical things that people–particularly younger people–have no experience with at all.

        Communication is gone, it has been gone for about 20 years, and it’s not just politics. It’s everything. No one has the time, energy, or patience to learn how we got to where we are, and without that there is no getting from where we are now to whatever is next.

        The world is stuck in a holding pattern, and can’t see a way forward or out.

        You can hear it in music and see it in art. It isn’t going anywhere or pushing anything, it’s just repeats of stuff that was avant-garde 50 years ago.

        • We’ve just hit the knowledge limit of our tools and we think that we’re so modern and so scientific.

          I wonder how the elite Greeks, Romans, Chinese, or any other group felt in their time. Was it any different when their wise men made their pronouncements?

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