Nashville bomber news

This is one of the best reports I have read so far:

Authorities are exploring evidence that Nashville, Tennessee, bombing suspect Anthony Quinn Warner was interested in various conspiracy theories

Some writings found by investigators believed to be associated with Warner, who was killed in the Christmas Day RV explosion, contain ramblings about assorted conspiracy theories, sources said.

Multiple law enforcement sources also told ABC News earlier this week that investigators looked at whether Warner had paranoia about 5G cellular technology.

Investigators are continuing to analyze chemical residue from the scene and are working to narrow down the chemicals that were likely used to make the explosive device.

They are also looking into how the suspect allegedly acquired the bomb-making materials to ensure there were no accomplices.

Sources told ABC News that receipts and credit card account information indicates Warner allegedly purchased items that could be used to construct a bomb, though they cautioned that certain common chemicals have uses that could have nothing to do with bomb-making.

The 5G cellar theory as a motive seems to be the best match for the publicly available evidence.


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  1. query: what can be done w/ 5-g technology that cannot be done with other cell phone tech?

    that is a question, not an ironic rhetorical question. seriously, what is different about 5-g that would inspire someone to blow himself up? or, was he a tin foil hat sort of fellow, worried about mind control waves & such.

    this is most curious.

    • Most of what I’ve seen on the subject can be boiled down to the fear that something about it allows for a much higher level of surveillance for things around the 5G devices, over and above what’s done now. I do not recall the technical specifics off the top of my head; some appear clearly hyperbolic, but others appeared to be quite plausible. If a person has serious concerns about a total-surveillance society and how the people at the top would use/misuse the data gained to control key people in order to do whatever the hell they wanted (think what a psycho satinist pedo could do if he had leverage on a couple of key local cops, DAs, judges, and legislatures… think what sort of network that could be leveraged into… now what makes you think that has not ever happened before, anywhere, any-when, and would not rejoice at the chance to have increased surveillance tech at their evil little finger-tips…)

      Yeah, it sounds over the top. But then you look at the otherwise inexplicable shit that is going on around the country, and you start to wonder how we got there….

    • A significant amount of the opposition to 5G is because some people believe the cell towers cause illnesses. Including, but not limited to, COVID-19. Claims of reducing immunity, etc.

      I am very skeptical of these claims.

      Concerns about privacy violations are another matter. I can see some valid concerns there. I think such concerns can and will be resolvable. The simplest solution is just don’t purchase devices for your home that use the cell network. If you want a Internet connected thermostats, lights, and lawn sprinklers then buy devices with a Wi-Fi connection and put them on their own subnetwork with a firewall to the Internet. Read highly technical reviews on the devices you buy. Experts will careful examine the Internet traffic to/from the devices and find out if the devices are doing something beyond the scope of their advertised capabilities.

  2. And there is a published report:

    That a girlfriend reported to police – over a year ago – that Warner was constructing a bomb in his RV.

    From my experience with LE, my bet is that while they did visit his house and saw the RV in back, since neither the TBI, nor FBI had him ‘on their radar’, and there seems to be no further investigation done, they attributed the story to the woman concocting it over a bad break up and blew it off.


    • ^^ This ^^

      I’m interested in finding out why he wasn’t “on their radar”.

      Because as Miguel pointed out, one possible takeaway is this: If you talk online about gun parts, gun maintenance, or the Constitutional purpose of the citizen militia, you’ll be subjected to ongoing suspicion, investigation, and surveillance for the rest of your natural life. But if you make bombs in your RV, threaten people online and in person with violence and guns, and repeatedly talk about shooting up a school (think: Nikolas Cruz, of Parkland, Florida), regardless of how many reports they get, the authorities will leave you “off their radar”.

      In both cases, it sounds like the priorities are out of whack.

    • Richard’s is a good question…here, within a week, the FBI has all this credit card minutiae on ‘Anthony Quinn Warner’ (why do all these possible false-flag miscreants who die at the scenes have three names???) but sat on the obvious evidence of Hunter Biden’s criminal activities, and the mystery of Seth Rich’s murder, whose computer we’re now told, they also have…

      And, a question to Joe: with your knowledge of and experience with various things that go BOOM – what do you make of the actual ‘car bomb’ if that’s what it was. We’ve been told it was directional; there was no crater; it may have been propane and a candle; the RV was obliterated; but immediately they found enuff evidence to ID the vehicle, its owner, and to find DNA evidence to prove he died in it.

      So many questions that make one go ‘hmmmmm…’

      • ” (why do all these possible false-flag miscreants who die at the scenes have three names???)”

        Because, for the most part, people in general have three names, and including the middle name in reports helps distinguish Anthony Quinn Warner from, e.g., Anthony Francis /David/William/BillyBob Warner (if there are any such people).

  3. Given the attacks on 5G towers in the UK and probably elsewhere, I have to agree.

  4. A couple of comments.
    On 5G: it’s similar to 4G but uses additional frequencies. That said, there’s no evidence that any consumer radio transmitters cause any problems. Of course, data and evidence are not relevant to anti-tech cultists, no more than they are for the antivaxxer flavor of such cultists.
    On explosives: on another blog I saw a mention of a theory (no source given that I saw) that it simply was a propane-filled camper, i.e., a fuel/air explosive. Interesting possibility, and it has the benefit of simplicity and no need for ingredients that might raise red flags.

    • IIRC, when cell phones were first coming out and were purely analog, there was a study that showed a correlation between heavy cell phone use and certain types of brain cancer. The thought was that the radio transmitting right beside your ear might be causing the issue.

      Of course this was analog where the amount of power used was much higher than modern digital cell phones. My 4 year old cell has a talk time of about 4 hours, maybe more, I’d have to look at the specifications.

      The talk time of a analog cell phone was normally less than an hour.

      Lots more power being used. And we don’t really hold our phones to our ears the same way we use to. We use head sets and bluetooth and speaker phones and all the rest.

      • There certainly were rumors of correlation way back when. There have also been rumors of correlation between disease and the proximity of power lines. A totally different matter is whether these rumors hold up to serious scrutiny. As far as I know, none have.

    • Fuel-air detonations are far from easy to create. You can easily get fuel-air deflagration. Detonations are the result of careful engineering or some really bad luck.

  5. I have several, relatively sane, close friends and relatives who are fervent anti-5G. Makes no sense to me, but they are adamant. Most are usually VAX suspicious.

  6. I believe 5G allows more devices to operate on the system in a given area. It gives them control over everything from your phone to your power meter, thermostat in your house, driving and tracking your car.
    Also, as frequency climbs into the 1,000 of mhz., antennas are smaller and the wave travels in straight lines better. Although it doesn’t penetrate barriers as well. Not much built in society these days is much of a barrier to wave formations anyway.
    Is the new digital thermostat at my home also an audio/video feed to the NSA,FBI,CIA, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Chinese communist overlords? Or if they will be able to control the amount of electricity I use from Beijing?
    I don’t have a clue.
    But 5G infrastructure is something the government wants bad. And is probably somewhere in that 5600 pages of pork that just got passed.
    One doesn’t need a tinfoil hat to understand what government does, and will do with power and control.

  7. Oddly enough, there is at least one video on twitter/web that shows the explosive going boom on the other side of the street from the RV. Looks like a large subsurface service box. Another video shows something launching upward at a slight angle from the RV location, but it is several blocks away, so no real data as to actual point, and what is flying. Very bright object, could be rocket exhaust, or molten metal thrown from the explosion. Fast moving in a straight line.


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  9. NOTHING the Feds tell us about ANYTHING can be taken as truth without TOTALLY independent verification. They have lied so often about so many things
    that EVERY Federal agency now has ZERO credibility.

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