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A small number of Covid patients who had never experienced mental health problems are developing severe psychotic symptoms weeks after contracting the coronavirus.

Pam Belluck
December 28, 2020
Small Number of Covid Patients Develop Severe Psychotic Symptoms
[That’s scary stuff.

I know three people who have recovered from COVID. One was daughter Xenia.—Joe]


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  1. It used to be that solitary confinement (lock-down isolation) was/is used as punishment for prisoners. Are we all now to be considered prisoners by various levels of Government?

  2. It’s not the cold causing the mental health issues. It’s the government. They’re literally driving people crazy. See, for example, the notable rise in suicides and drug overdose deaths.

  3. I think all Americans have some level of mental distress over the Corona affair.

    We are constantly bombarded with dire forecasts of disaster, shaming and deprivation of social outlets.

    I’m kind of surprised we haven’t seen more of it.

  4. In isolation, that factoid means nothing. How many people suffer from psychotic incidents after a bad bout with the flu? How many from cancer and related treatment? Covid has been played up so much, that it’s not surprising that some who are diagnosed with it have a mental reaction – question is, is it an actual chemical change in the brain, triggered by the virus or treatment thereof, or is it a special case of PTSD, triggered by all the hoopla surrounding the disease?

    • Thank you for asking the obvious questions which we never hear asked by the professionals. So; just how “professional” are they, or rather; what, exactly is their “profession”?

      Oh yeah; and migratory birds, which were once well known as a significant factor in spreading viruses worldwide, have not been mentioned this whole time. You know it isn’t exclusively about the movements of people, right?

      And now COVID has joined “climate change” as a cause of basically everything. The long-in-the-making problems with the economy? COVID. Political upheaval? COVID. Mental problems? COVID. Widespread, unprecedented election irregularities? COVID. Your neighbor’s dog barks too much? COVID. Stubbed your toe the other day? Ouch; COVID!

      Also it may be worth pointing out once again that almost no one in the world has had the common cold or the flu since March, and yet COVID has been slaughtering us by the millions, resulting in media stories of rental trucks being necessary for handling the masses of dead bodies. Has COVID somehow murdered most of the other common viruses? Or is the medical profession just completely and massively full of shit? Using your scientifically oriented mind, which do you find to be more likely, given the evidence we’re provided?

      And around the world, political, religious and social leaders and influencers have been saying that COVID is an “opportunity”, and apparently no one finds that newsworthy.

      I’m beginning to believe that, if and when the full truth about all of this finally comes out, it will appear batshit crazier than the batshittiest, craziest “conspiracy theory” you ever heard, and therefore we won’t be able to believe it.

      And THAT is how these things are able to succeed, and always to the later disgust and amazement of the world.. Few rank-and-file Germans, for example, ever believed that their own government could possibly ever conspire to murder millions of Jews and other “undesirables”, even, in some cases, right under their noses in their own neighborhoods. Many still don’t believe it.

      Nope; once you have the public mind sufficiently boggled: Stressed, afraid, confused, pissed off, frustrated and misdirected, you can get away with absolutely anything. For a while. Then you get what’s coming to you; the same thing that happened to Benito Mussolini and his bitch, or you have your little orgy, then take the poison and shoot yourselves, saving everyone else the trouble.

      Rest assured that although history never exactly repeats itself, it always rhymes. Never believe that what happened in the past can not happen again. It not only can, it always does.

      • “I’ll take, ‘medical profession just completely and massively full of shit’ for $200, Alex.”
        As for the end of tyrants, the third option is the one that is THE affront to morality, and that is for the tyrant to die peacefully in bed, as did Stalin, Mao, Castro, and (I’m not sure) Pol Pot. Happily, Che Guevara did not die in bed.

      • And around the world, political, religious and social leaders and influencers have been saying that COVID is an “opportunity”, and apparently no one finds that newsworthy.

        Any entrepreneur, businessman, and go-getter will tell you, opportunities are not something you pass up.

        Trouble is, controllers use the words “opportunity” and “crisis” interchangeably.

        And as Rahm Emmanuel said, “The key is to never let a crisis go to waste.”

        Well, they certainly aren’t letting this one pass; in fact, they’re milking the s#!+ out of it!

  5. The nerves running the sense of smell bypass the blood brain barrier that protects the brain from infections. The sense of smell is a very old part of the sensory system and probably predates that barrier. For people that have experienced anosmia (loss of sense of smell) as part of sar-cov-2 infection MRIs have found inflammation in parts of the brain. So it is not terribly surprising that some mechanical damage could cause this. Other people, that were not on respirators, have noted cognitive impairment after resolution of infection.

    • I didn’t know that! Thanks for the interesting tidbit of information – might explain some of those outlier cases.

    • This: “loss of sense of smell”

      is one of the possible side effects of a concussion.

  6. Get levels of zinc, D3, and vitamin C up, and keep them up. Find a doc willing to prescribe hydroxychloroquine and z-pax or Ivermectin for your *ahem* expected upcoming safari to Africa. (BTW – veterinary ivermectin is exactly the same product as for humans) Get some exercise, and start watching your diet if you are not already. If you suspect you have some symptoms, start the HCQ or ivermectin treatment and boost the 3 vitamins as soon as possible. Infections like this have exponential growth rates, and zinc interferes with viral replication, so the earlier you can hit in the curve, the more effective it will be.

    It’s not a death sentence, or at least it doesn’t have to be. But Big Pharma cannot make any money on OTC meds or healthy people, and the Big Government can’t exert dictatorial controls on people without a perceived emergency.

    When they say “a small number” what they mean is “we’ll be happy to spread rumor and gossip to keep the fear stoked!”

    • It’s not a death sentence, no; you have only a 99.96 to 99.97% chance of survival.

      I’m not convinced that the fear and social stress being perpetrated isn’t a far worse danger than the actual host of viruses which have existed at all times all around us for all of history.

      You know what carries a 100% certain death sentence though? Being born and being alive.

      I don’t take supplements. Just eat proper and quit freaking out over things, don’t make your food a source of pride or recreation, and you’ll be alright. We as Americans in the 21st century have access to more and better food than anyone through all of history, since Eden. You don’t need supplements unless you’re intentionally starving yourself of certain nutrients.

      • I agree the fear, isolation, and restrictions are far more dangerous — and far longer lasting — to our society than the virus. I also agree that a proper diet can provide you with all the nutrients your body needs without supplementing.

        However, if you contract COVID and are prescribed hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), that drug needs and consumes zinc and vitamin D. You will need to alter diet or supplement to keep the drug working at maximum efficacy.

        You may eat well enough to not need supplements normally, but having to take HCQ (or any drug) as a treatment is not a normal time. Adjusting your regimen to compensate for the known effects of the drug isn’t a bad thing.

      • Perhaps a better phrasing would be “IF you are worried about the Wuhan Flu, and you want to take a simple and inexpensive mitigation step because you are still thinking in a ‘pills are the solution’ mentality, then [do the zinc+D3 thing]….”

    • Veterinary Ivermectin. People generally think that human medicine is for humans, and animal medicines are for animals. Ernie Pyle, the famous WW2 War Correspondent wrote about an Army Medic in North Africa who had been a veterinarian before the war, told him that anything you could give to a human, you could give to a horse, except for a horse you multiplied the dose by 12. The sole exception being Anesthesia, which cannot be given to horses because they wake up from it in a panic. This is why the horses are put down when a leg is broken.

      • Rumor has it that becuase people are turning to vet Ivermectin, such as apple-flavored paste for horses, the producer is pulling its non-presciption products and is producing them no more and what stock is on the shelf is all that there will be without a prescription.

        Yes, people and animals will die as a result.

        No, they don’t care, because for them narrative + profits > human lives.

  7. Could be the high fever associated with viral infections has a more lasting effect on parts of the brain? For some people?
    As a fever can make one go delusional.

  8. Expanding on Rolf’s comment, this sounds like someone trying to use “Settled Science” to keep the fear stoked.

    On what time-scale have they “never experienced mental health problems”? Might that “never” include their whole lives before the lockdowns and isolation? Might that isolation have contributed to mental issues, and nobody noticed because doctor appointments weren’t available until/unless COVID was suspected?

    I suspect several logical fallacies at work here: confirmation bias, certainly, but also cum hoc ergo proptor hoc (“with this, therefore because of this”). Basically, they’re focusing on COVID patients’ mental health issues (because as clinic doctors, that’s who they see) and not non-COVID folks, and making the causal leap to COVID when there are many other possible factors. Particularly the isolation and loss of work/income, which has been difficult-to-the-point-of-traumatic for many — the kind of trauma that could contribute to mental health issues.

    But just like how “dead with COVID” got conflated with “dead from COVID” to inflate the numbers and stoke the fear, we’re now seeing “crazy with COVID” become “crazy from COVID” for the same reasons.

    Whatever it takes to keep the fear alive — fear of a virus easily treatable with vitamins and generic drugs (read: “not profitable for Big Pharma,” but that’s another issue), and with a better survival rate than some seasonal flu strains — to keep the restrictions, divisiveness, and CONTROL alive.

    • I even question how much the “tested positive for Covid” is THIS particular Corona Virus. My cousin posted a picture of an old bottle of Lysol, which mentioned in fine print that it killed Corona Virus. Doubtless this has been removed from the product currently for sale in stores to avoid giving consumers “false hope”, but the fact that the origin of this Pandemic (Panic + epidemic) is referred to as “Covid-19” indicates that there are at least 18 prior Viruses identified.
      Since Corona Virus was considered in the past to be a cause of the common cold, how many people TODAY have antibodies that identify (sorry) as Covid-19 even though Covid-19 played no part in their production of Covid antibodies?

      • The other odd fact is that the number of plain old flu diagnoses and deaths are down sharply.

        “Drop in flu deaths may indicate that most at risk died from COVID-19”. Or perhaps some other explanation?

        • Personally, I think very few are testing positive for the flu because very few are testing for flu.

          If you go in with flu-like symptoms, they’ll test you for COVID first. If you test negative, then they’ll call it flu.

          But how many are testing positive for COVID antibodies (from having an asymptomatic case months ago) and now have the actual flu, but are being diagnosed as a COVID case based on that positive antibody test?

          How many actual flu deaths, having posthumously tested positive for COVID antibodies, are being falsely classified as COVID deaths?

          Really, given that gunshot deaths, heart attack deaths, and car accident deaths have been classified as “COVID deaths” if the deceased tested positive, I’m not in the least surprised at the “unexplained” drop in influenza diagnoses and deaths. Once you have a COVID diagnosis, why look for anything else?

      • Point of order: It’s “COVID-19” because it’s COVID (Corona Virus Disease), identified in 2019. Technically, the virus is designated SARS-CoV-2, a close relative to — or mutation of — the SARS virus (which is also a corona virus, hence the “CoV” bit).

        Supposedly, the COVID-19 tests can distinguish the antibodies or spike proteins (depending on the type of test) for this corona virus from those from other strains of corona virus (including the common cold), but I haven’t been tested so I can’t say for sure.

        But I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of testing “positive for COVID-19”, from the antibodies for the “common cold” corona virus. It could happen.

        All of that information was easily available at the start of this pandemic (I prefer the terms “Plan-demic” or “Dem-Panic”), but it’s significantly harder to find now. I’d guess someone decided that facts calm the populace too much.

        (As an aside, the “common cold” has innumerous causes: several viruses cause it, as do dozens of bacteria strains, and even some fungal infections. And yes, that one strain of corona virus. They all have the same symptoms and severity and about the same duration. But the multitude of different microbial causes is why you never develop immunity to it. “Common cold” is pretty much a catch-all term for a mild-to-moderate upper respiratory infection.)

        • I was being snarky about how EVERYTHING now is COVID-19, and making a joke about how we’ve never heard of any variety of Corona Virus before suddenly this one, from last year.
          As SPQR says below and others have confirmed, that COVID-19 is powerful stuff, even killing people with gunshot wounds and fatal auto accidents.

          I can picture the death certificates – –
          Primary cause of death: Corona-Virus 2019.
          Contributing cause of death: Decapitation due to motorcycle accident.

  9. Correlation does NOT equal causation. It’s FAR more likely that the vast majority of people suffering psychiatric symptoms are doing so as a result of the massive social, economic and political upheaval that has occurred in the past year.

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