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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said they would get the Covid-19 vaccine within days to ensure the continuity of government during the pandemic.

In addition to the two leaders, all members of Congress will be able to receive the coronavirus vaccine produced by Pfizer Inc. and Germany’s BioNTech SE in the coming days, according to a letter sent to lawmakers Thursday from congressional physician Brian Monahan. He said he was notified by the National Security Council that vaccines were available to members of Congress, the executive branch and the Supreme Court.

Natalie Andrews
December 17, 2020
Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell Plan to Get Covid-19 Vaccine in Coming Days
[Interesting. I guess ensuring “the continuity of government” is more important that ensuring the continuity of food, water, transportation, and communication.

This makes it extraordinarily clear they have a much higher opinion of themselves than I do. I would be inclined to put members of Congress and the executive branch priority in the vaccine queue just below Marxist Hollywood celebrities and just above prisoners on death row.—Joe]


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  1. I guess ensuring “the continuity of government” is more important that ensuring the continuity of food, water, transportation, and communication.

    Eh, I wouldn’t give them that much credit.

    There’s a disease going around, and now there’s a vaccine. They want it because they don’t want to get the disease, plain and simple. “Continuity of government” has nothing to do with it; that’s just the conveniently-justifiable excuse.

    Meanwhile, Florida and Texas are being raked over the coals in the media for prioritizing vaccinations for residents over age 60 — y’know, the group with the largest risk of complications and/or death — instead of government workers and minorities (or in New York’s case, homeless drug addicts). As if mitigating risk and minimizing complications and deaths weren’t a valid governmental goal.

  2. Given the concerns about the vaccine safety and efficacy and long-term side effects, I’m perfectly happy to see them use themselves as guinea pigs, preferably in a properly randomized trial setup. Personally, I am NOT taking it, nor am I going to let it be administered to anyone in my family. The vaccine poses more risk to out particular demographic than the disease does, which has effective therapeutics for it that are safe, cheap, and nearly miraculous. I’m sure it’s just TOTALLY coincidental that the second largest hydroxychloroquine factory in the world blew up in Taiwan. Just like it’s totally coincidental that the future son-in-law of a GA governor dies in a horrible car explosion shortly after the Gov announces an election investigation, and less than 12 hours later the Gov reverses positions again…

  3. That is all of course assuming that, a) COVID is an extraordinary threat, and furthermore that, b) these next-generation vaccines are effective against said assumed threat, and finally that c) although there are no data on the long term effects of these brand new vaccines, they are safe.

    The alternative point of view is that, if we are all to be regarded as lab rats, property of the government to be used at their pleasure, then let members of Congress take the first round of experiments. No; force them! I’m willing to wait thirty years, until I’m 92, to see what happens to the first waves of frightened sheep and suckers before I’d consider thinking about taking the stuff.

    And all of THAT above is furthermore assuming, without possibility of proof, or even evidence, that the politicians will actually receive the vaccines, rather than being given, for example, a saline solution, all for show, or nothing at all whatsoever, as a way of “showing the rest of us how safe it is”.

    You see, they’ve got us focusing and obsessing on who gets it, when, and by what priorities, and whether Trump or Biden could be doing the better job at being a personal nanny to everyone in the nation, rather than on the question of whether any of this is valid whatsoever, or whether any of it is any of their business whatsoever even if it were valid.

    Meanwhile, Congress is now pondering over a law banning biological males from women’s sports. Let that sink in for a bit, and then ponder the fact that you’re listening to them, arguing with them, within their constructed paradigms.

    Congress, having insinuated themselves into sports, has been ACTUALLY MAKING LAWS about sports for many years now. And we’re actually dumb enough to get involved in the arguments of how Congress should handle…SPORTS!!

    If this is not proof positive that we already passed the threshold of insanity, where we’ll fall for anything, I don’t know what could be.

    Take a vacation, alone, to ponder that for a few weeks, to let it sink in.

    Office-holders in our government are now so full of shit, so truly, genuinely insane with power-lust and arrogance that they’re beyond all possibility of honesty and reason. But no, it’s far worse than that; honesty and reason are now their mortal enemies. And you want to engage with them in arguments that are framed within their chosen paradigms?

    You know, when the handsome, polite, intelligent psychopath is trying to get you into his windowless van for a little fun, you have two choices: kill him on the spot thus saving yourself and many others from death by torture, or run away if you have to. If you engage him on his terms, in any way accepting the frameworks the way he’s presenting them to you, you’re dead. That goes for nations as it does for individuals.

    In short; if you’re going to argue with them at all, about anything, you must first have established their credibility.

    So where does the evidence point? Are those titled individuals in government, and the deep state which supports them, credible? Do you really respect them enough to argue with them? Do you really accept their paradigms and pretenses as bases for argument? Or are they in character more like that psychopath with the van, presenting you with nothing but shit so they can rope you in and own you?

    I shouldn’t have to ask. You already knew the answer. It screams out at us from the whole history of the world.

    • As you’re ascertaining their credibility, consider another from Miguel.

      TL;DR: The “Credibility Bookcase” is considered “the quarantine’s hottest accessory”, and companies are paid good money to curate “books by the foot” to appear in the backgrounds of video conferences and Zoom meetings. There is zero reason to believe any of those people have even read all the titles of the intellectual-looking tomes behind them, let alone the contents.

      • Only trust a bookcase behind someone to lend them credibility if that bookcase displays a continuous series of books with a woodcut picture of an animal at the top of the spine and the name “O’REILLY” at the bottom.

        • I can think of lots of other bookcases which would indicate credibility but yours is more than adequate.


  4. well, there is always hope for a severe allergic reaction of some sort, wiping out congress. i mean, stranger things have happened.

  5. Au contraire:
    I would like to see them and the CEO’s and medical and research staff of the makers all line up and let’s have a some random vials pulled from a random shipment and administered by non gov or company injectors.

  6. Given the age of these two fossils, they would be in an early group anyway. I think the continuity of government BS is cover for giving the vaccine to a bunch of Congressional staffers who are low-risk categories.

  7. The degree to which I care about continuity of government is directly related to my level of satisfaction with said government.

    Is satisfaction guaranteed?

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