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The arguments against the electoral college are simply veiled arguments against Federalism. And while I’m happy to entertain arguments against any coercive form of government, in the case of the U.S. our Federal system is a flawed but robust system which has given ground slowly to these political terrorists over the past couple hundred years.

It is in a terminal state of collapse today and the odds are long that it will survive these challenges in any practical sense.

Tom Luongo
December 9, 2020
Less Electoral College? No, More Electoral College
[I don’t see them as veiled. And not arguments either. More like threats or, on really bad days, telling us this is how they plan to execute us.

I just hope we have enough strength of character to exercise our veto power if it comes down to that.—Joe]


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  1. And I’m not seeing much ‘strength of character’. Sure there is a few, but those few can only succeed if there is a large percentage that sympathize and support the few. And this applies regardless of the playing field even if it is only buying a ticket.

    So how many tickets will we sell? And what are we offering?

    Ever listen to talk radio? The talk is OK depending upon the channel, but the talk comes with a sleazy menu of scams that take up about half the time. Is that what we’re offering?

    • Communist got to commie. They couldn’t stop themselves if they wanted to. And that’s the bug in the system.
      Jesse Kelly said it best by calling it a “religion of domination”. But, what’s the one thing every human hates? To be dominated.
      That’s why communism never works for very long. If not for
      American capitalism propping it up. Chinese communism would have been gone along while ago.
      The harder they push. The more resistance they will get. That’s just human nature. It’s as ironclad as the law of supply and demand.
      There’s lots of fight left in America. And the world greatest fighters! With the worlds best small arms. And the worlds best out of the box thinkers. We won’t look like we did. And many of us won’t survive. But that’s OK. We weren’t going to survive anyway.
      And neither are the communist.
      It’s painful to watch/live in. But this is the fastest way for global communism to commit suicide.

      • Yes, but we still live in a market place of ideas, and they are the ones that are gaining mind share. We know from history that their ideas fail as people discover they don’t work – but that takes time, sometimes a lifetime.

        On the other side of the ledger is what are we offering? Ours seems a grab bag of reality and while that is reality, it does seem that we could offer more or at least explain why.

        Personally I believe in the golden rule, the ten commandants, but that not the reality that we provide even if we talk it. Our reality is little more than the barnyard pecking order. Conservatives use to at least to give lip service to moral codes, now they don’t even pretend.

        As a group, we too are following the same code of anything goes that the the leftist follow only they seem to have the better marketing department.

        • Absolutely they do. But each generation has to learn the hard lessons for themselves.
          We’ve been trying to protecting our children from evil. But the truth is, the only way to learn how to fight evil is to get dirty in it. Get beat-up by it a few times. Then they can stand on their own.
          By necessity the process is painful.
          It just sucks being a hypocrite getting played by the delusional.

          • There are necessary alternatives to learn lessons without having to start from the basics or to experience it first hand. It’s called education both formal, informal, and experience (also called bias). Otherwise, we would still be living in the age before the stone age. And we would still have to experience fire first hand and not survive before we understood that fire kills.

            So we come full circle back to marketing or what ever you want to call it since the most effective marketing is education.

            And since the left has firm control of education we can agree this generation is going to have to learn it the hard way. I just wish that was not the case and that conservatives had a better grip on what matters.

          • All you have said my friend is spot on.
            And while we work our asses off. They extorted our labor and used it to brainwash our children.
            Lie to them and us. And so many different layers to it, it’s almost like satan engineered the system.
            There’s a price to be paid for not killing them like our forefathers told us.
            Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.
            I take heart in Psalm 144:1, and understand there’s not much new under the sun either.

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