Quote of the day—Alex Woodward

Mr Biden’s platform includes a proposed ban of AR-style rifles and high-capacity magazines as well as implementing universal background checks, closing “loopholes” allowing gun sales to at-risk individuals, and hold gun manufacturers accountable for their products – all of which are expected to face uphill battles from a GOP-dominated Congress and legal challenges from a ruthless gun lobby.

Alex Woodward
December 14, 2020
Joe Biden pledges ‘common sense’ gun control on anniversary of Sandy Hook massacre
[“Ruthless gun lobby”?

Bias? What bias?—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Alex Woodward

  1. By ‘ruthless’, he means ‘Constitutionally well-grounded.

    We can only infer that when he writes ‘platform’, he means ‘intended conspiracy of civil rights violations’.

  2. Off topic: Interesting word: ‘bias’.

    In our modern English, the word has come to mean unfair or prejudice which is how you are using it. And, that in turn, leads to the root of the differences between the left and the right – we simply have different notions of fairness.

    The left uses a collective view and the right uses an individual view. Of course, I’m bias, but the individual view is the more natural one that is found throughout the animal kingdom. It also works. It is based on competition, the best and brightest, the strongest and bravest. Unfortunately, it can also be based on tyranny, bulling, greed is good, and force.

    From the individual view the collectivist view is tyranny and from the collective view it is the individual view that is tyranny.

    If we are to bridge that gap, our code of behavior needs to emphasis the positive and to be ruthless in eliminating the bad – its all about fairness and living in a civilized society.

    BTW: Historically it appears that bias meant “oblique or diagonal line” or “a slant, a slope, or an oblique,” and figuratively, “an expedient, means”. Generally, it is acknowledged that we all have biases that are based on our personal experiences along with what we are taught. We prefer one food over another, one color over another, to be with one person over another and so on. These are the small biases, unless they have been given a protected status by one side or another.

  3. The Biden/Harris platform is that of Chinese communist plants. Usurpation grants no authority. Anything they do is already a crime. They know that. We think they won’t go big?
    We think them stealing an election is bad. We ain’t seen nothing yet.
    The Chinese will get their monies worth, even if it kills us. Which is the plan.
    Think “total war”, that’s how they think. Were 20 years behind that curve.

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