Quote of the day—Donald J Trump

Video footage from #Georgia shows that poll workers were told to stop counting and leave, while 4 people stayed behind to continue counting ballots in private.

Donald J Trump
December 3, 2020
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[Via daughter Jaime.

Watch both videos. They’re short.

I find it “interesting” these people weren’t concerned with the video surveillance cameras. Have they done this so many times and gotten away with it that they just didn’t have any concern about this time being different?

It certainly looks to me like a bunch of people need to be prosecuted.

We live in interesting times.—Joe]


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  1. In my experience most people are completely oblivious to security cameras. They don’t even think about them.

  2. Ahh.. They are just doing their duty – just like Donna Brazile did when she slipped debate questions to Hillary.

    And yet officials on both sides of the isle from AG Barr down are saying nothing to see here – we gotta move on! I can only conclude that in Wokedom, the process is most important and that systemic corruption is a positive attribute.

    • Perhaps I spoke too soon. JUST IN: Georgia Gov. Kemp is calling for a signature audit after CCTV footage of hidden ballots being secretly counted was leaked.

      • Video of multiple felonies. And all he wants is a recount?
        Isn’t there a big long trail of felonies just to get to the video?
        Why aren’t we hearing about arrests?
        Real Donald Trump needs to quit F–king around and start arresting people. Until then it’s just a BS swamp game.
        And he should have been doing that since his first week in office.

        • Yep. It feels like the deep state – which does not exist – is really in charge and has been for at least the last four years. All we have got are promises, promises, and nothing.

          • Well, Rudy Giuliani and other brave prosecutors and witnesses before him did such a job prosecuting the non-existent Mafia (Cf J. Edgar Hoover’s baseless assertion that the Mafia did not exist) that they all sought to continue their life of crime in the public sector, where it was least likely of spending time in the Graybar Hotel. SOMEbody needs to carry this forward. Since everything in politics is political, including crimes (anyone remember the elected official in California who kept his ill-gotten gains in the freezer disguised as a rump roast and a pork shoulder? He was apparently either too small or of the wrong party, so he no longer has to wonder what color shirt to wear each day), everyone is afraid to go after the big guys.

  3. There is already enough evidence of shenanigans for the EC counting of votes from Arizona to hold on the request of one Senator and one Representative, resulting in both Houses having to go into separate sessions to investigate.

    When they get done (probably because the House votes immediately on partisan lines that zey see nozink!) the counting starts again with the next state in alphabetical order. They’re going to stop again on G, twice in M, N and P.

    If the clock runs out, Constitutional/legal plan B may be in play.

  4. It use to be called police work. Bust someone with a dime bag on the street. Show them the 10 yrs. their facing or start talking.
    Guess what they all do?
    This ain’t 3D chess. It’s called being the top police officer for America, Mr. President.
    And for a guy that spent 14 seasons telling people their fired.
    Somehow he just can’t find the words?
    Here’s an example. You walk into AG Barr’s office: Your Fired!
    Sure, Your still the attorney general. But your new job description is to push this broom on the capital steps. No, we got guy out of the Boise office to do the job. He sez Hillary in cuffs by dinner. Comey and crew, next week. I reminded him that Mueller’s whole team wiped their phones before returning them to the government.
    He smiled. Said were on it, sir. You know Bob, I think that kid has a future. Which is more than I can say for you. Got something you want to say? Now’s the time, Bob. Cause, if you don’t. Your friends are going to.
    It’s that easy.

  5. One after another. Now election officials in Georgia say there’s nothing to see in the video – its time to move on.

    Still we get a stream of stories about election fraud. So what true?

    The alt-right news sources seem to have all the get up and go of a clown car rushing to get to a fire. The Gateway Pundit jumped from the suspicious video to identifying the “criminal” that pulled out the boxes. Then there is Ms Powell. Have we lost our minds?

    Where’s a Regan? Is Biden all we’re going to get?

    • Don’t forget the Ctrl-Left Media who make the Mafia oath of Omerta look like a true-crime tell-all.

      The soft of mind who get their news from the TV “news” are as well informed as those who get their news from the dotty old lady over the back fence. The Media peddles conclusions and never what anyone actually said.

    • No, Your getting a California hooker! Remember, this ain’t about business as usual. Just go ask Sandy Cortez.
      Joke Biden is just the bus the commies stole to get into the white house.
      And if they keep him around it’s as a rubber stamp for Obama2.0.
      (Hey, let’s blame it on the old white guy.)

    • Most of the corrupt guys have chosen to double-down. They KNOW they are screwed, that Trump has the evidence of fraud and treason. The only way out alive is to hope their bluff works, that the media coverage and all is enough to get them into Feb. They hope Trump does have the stones to “Cross the Rubicon” of declaring martial law and executing mass arrests. He’s all but daring them to come clean. He’s giving them every chance to flip, cut a deal, or turn to the light side. Too many of them won’t. I’m upping my odds of martial law, like around Christmas in honor of George Washington, to around 75%.

  6. When you OWN the judiciary you don’t need to worry about the consequences of your crimes. To date that judiciary has tossed almost EVERY lawsuit filed regarding the fraud committed. The left is VERY sure of it’s hold over EVERY mechanism of enforcement and thus they are sure that it doesn’t really matter how extensively they cheat and how blatantly they do so. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN to them and at this point in time the odds that they will not only get away with it but WIN THE ELECTION COMPLETELY is about 95%.

    • You need new information sources.
      Try here , here, here just to get you started.

      Trump has about a 99% chance of success. By my estimate at this time there is about a 75% chance of a pathway that invokes martial law. Near certainty that there will be convictions for treason.

      If I’m wrong, then the republic, and the rule of law, are over.

      • There isn’t a single lawsuit filed by Trump or a supporter that has succeeded yet. Many of them have been SUMMARILY DISMISSED while others were shot down after the judge PRETENDED to hear the evidence. Trump has about a TEN PERCENT chance at prevailing and it will almost certainly involve martial law or the use of special forces. And THAT will almost certainly lead to a civil war. The left has spent DECADES creating the machinery to steal elections. DECADES infiltrating, subverting and suborning ALL the important machines of government ESPECIALLY the JustUs Department and the Judiciary.
        And they have been working NONSTOP 24/7 since the day Trump won in 2016 to insure he loses this election. Trump never really had much of a chance for a second term….at least not by following the rules.

  7. As has been said on this blog.already; we all know what a Marxist revolution looks like, so there’s no mystery here. Either way this election goes down, the revolution will continue.

  8. And yet Republican election officials in Georgia have already explained that there is nothing skullduggerous going on in the video.

    Joe, you’re getting pretty far out there. These partisan news outlets just want emotional reactions — and you’re playing along. Left to right, cable/online news especially, they do not want you *thinking,* only *feeling.*


    • Politifact can be reliably trusted to be 100% wrong on every topic. They are owned and controlled by the Democrats.

    • Why did everyone leave? Your saying everyone knew they were staying and counting? Where were the pole watchers? Why the big spike in Biden’s votes, that didn’t show up till…. late?
      Maybe you can answer the questions no one will? Then tell us why we should believe government that lies every time their mouth opens?
      In fact, start with that one.

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