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Upon arrival in the processing room located on Level S of State Farm Arena, we were supposed to watch the processing of the Absentee Ballots from the observation area which was delineated by a fenced area of roping secured by posts. This observation area we were put in was very distant from the staff actually processing the ballots. The room where the ballot processing took place is a very large room, and this distance effectively prevented our actual observation of the process. In addition other areas of this – again very large – room were not visible at all from our observation area.

For example, the machine that copied the UOCAVA electronically received ballots (sometimes called military ballots) onto a paper copy of the same could only be viewed from the side and the doors to that area were positioned in a way that prevented us from viewing of this process. Additionally, the scanners that scanned the absentee ballots were not visible to us at all.

Sometime after 10 o’clock p.m., the counting activity slowed. Shortly afterward, a younger lady with long braided but blog hair yelled out to all of them they should stop working and come back tomorrow (the next day, November 4th) at 8:30 A.M.. Thereafter all but 4 election employees left State Farm, leaving just the blond haired lady (who Michelle and I assumed was the supervisor), to older ladies and Regina Waller at the location. This lady had appeared through the night and Michelle and I believed her to be the supervisor.

Another task we had been given by Brandon was to inquire how many ballots had been processed and how many were still left to go. We posed these questions to Regina Waller, the Public Affairs Manager for Elections. She seem uncomfortable at times answering us, and she called someone which we interpreted as asking for help on how to respond to us. Ultimately she refused to answer our questions and told us we had to “look it up on the website”. In all, we asked Regina Waller for this information at least three separate times and she would not give us an answer.

Mitchell Harrison
November 2020
Attachment 28 Exhibit Affidavit of Mitchell Harrison
[This is directly related to this post.

I post this in response to those who say:

Nobody told them to stay. Nobody told them to leave. Nobody gave them any advice on what they should do. And It was still open for them or the public to come back in to view at whatever time they wanted to, as long as they were still working.

I would like to point out that to the best of my knowledge none of the responses from the poll workers are under oath or submitted such that they can be punished for perjury if they lied. If the affidavits in the court documents are knowingly in error then the providers of those documents are subject to criminal prosecution.

While it may be true the observers were not specifically told to leave the observation area there was no meaningful observation possible. The behavior toward of the poll workers was very suspicious (read Michelle Branton’s affidavit as well).

If they want to reassure the public the ballot counting was honest they should:

  • Provide the video showing appropriate chain of custody of the ballot boxes from opening to when they were scanned and stored for recount.
  • Do signature verification of all ballots with functional observation
  • Recount the ballots with functional observation.

All case documents are here.—Joe]


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  1. Won’t happen. The Dems have successfully stolen this election. Possession is 9/10 of the law, and they don’t need to convince everyone, just the ones who matter.

    The MSM and social media are strictly controlling most of the soap box.
    The ballot box is done. The gamed it and won.
    The jury box is useless (see the courts punting on the election issues, and notice that the Supreme Court has stayed silent)

    We are seeing a communist coup in real time. Remember how we all said that 2019 was awful, and how we cheered in 2020 because we just KNEW it was going to be better? My feeling is that there will come a day when we will look back fondly on the paradise that 2020 was.

      • What an intelligent and well thought out reponse. I for one am impressed by your insight.

        • Detailed, too, with careful linkage between the evidence presented and the elements to be proven.

          My longer response, is, “What have you done to the Tam we have all grown to known and love for her pertinently impertinent wit and trenchant observations?”

          • That was my point. People who are much smarter than I am have given quite a bit of evidence. Take Larry Correia, for example. He is hardly a Trump lover, but has posted some great analysis of the math involved.

            There are many data points that are too unlikely to be random. For example, how does Detroit go 94% for Biden, outperforming Biden in San Francisco (81%), Portland, Baltimore, and Biden even did better than Obama in 2012 (53%) and 2008 (51%).

            As far as being communist, there is far more evidence that the Democrat party has headed that way.

            The only thing that I can believe, with this being so far from Tam’s normal posting style, is that she is trying desperately to avoid getting on the retribution lists that the Dems have been touting.

            As for me, it is far too late for me to stay off of them.

    • The attempted coup isn’t successful until Joe or Kamala are sworn in. And that isn’t likely to happen, as odd as that may sound at this point. If it does, then the first three boxes of democracy will have tried and found wanting, and I’d expect open civil war within five years.

      But like I said, I don’t think that’s likely. Time will tell if I’m delusional or possessed of more information that those who say it can’t happen.

  2. Multiple *Republican* officials have said — and testified — it was an honest election. Most cases that have gone before the courts have been thrown out.

    Your choices here are A) It was as honest an election as previous ones,
    B) the system is so thoroughly — and yet covertly — subverted that even many Republicans are in on it; in which case, forget it, there’s nothing you can do.

    There aren’t any credible leaks proving crookedness and the main GOP activists claiming fraud and cheating are a transparent collection of nuts and grifters. All this is doing is moving the GOP farther and farther from any connection with reality. What you will do when the fantasy collapses, I don’t know, but you’re not going to have a very viable national-level political party in the aftermath. It’ll take a lot of rebuilding to regain traction. Instead, it’s looking like the Republicans are going to throw away control of the Senate in a fit of pique over President’s Trump’s loss.

    Makes me glad I’m a partyless LP voter.

    • The evidence of fraud is HUGE. That is also the plan, to expose the corrupt uniparty and take them ll down at the same time in a military op.

      Your LP vote is a spineless cop-out that is every bit as idealistic and unworkable as socialism, as it allows infiltration and take-over by subversion by those more numerous and more controlling. Thanks a lot. Most helpful.

      • Notice how they want you to feel hopeless? Your just WRONG, sit down and shut-up!
        Like a college professor telling you THEIR the Phd.!
        (Not even a clever dodge is left to them).
        What is funny is that their lying to close to a hundred million armed citizens, (after fraud is considered), that have been lied to most of their life. (We kind of caught on to the game.)
        And just like a little child caught doing something they shouldn’t be. The excuses get even more childish.
        They dare not ask themselves what would happen if we had a Richmond rally. And no one was interested in being nice?

    • “Makes me glad I’m a partyless LP voter.”

      At least you have the comfort of knowing that your candidate will never get elected.

      • And very comfortable with the idea of losing. More like an actual hate for winning?

  3. I’m not buying the story. Since when does someone go in as an observer and then not observe? In what world does that make sense? In what world do you go in with the singular and specific task of observing and then allow yourself to be told to NOT OBSERVE?
    Hell no I’m not buying the premise of the story, never mind the details. You say;
    “there was no meaningful observation possible.”. Wrong. Were the observers physically restrained, to the point of death? They’re still here to talk about it, so that standard is blown to hell. So we must scale down to lesser standards. Down and down and still down and down.. In other words; define “possible”.

    This would be like a cop walking up to a suspect for the purpose of making an arrest for a serious crime. The suspect then tells the cop, ” No. You just go stand over there.” Now the cop complies, and after the criminal suspect makes his getaway, NOW WE”RE ALL SUPPOSED TO BLAME THE SUSPECT? Hell no! HELL NO!

    I refuse to buy that very premise. Forget all the details or who did what or who voted for whom. The story itself is the lie.

  4. You know; in some quarters it is a hanging offense to leave your post while on guard duty. And I don’t think the excuse of, “That mean girl over there told me to” would hold any water. Nor should it. Ever. Your only valid excuse is that you were physically overwhelmed, in which case you’d better be showing us your scars and broken bones, and I want to see the medical report, minutes, and no more than a few hours, after the physical altercation, or that you are dead. And even then; why did you let them beat you? Who’s side are YOU on?

    So how stupid are we, discussing the physical dimensions of the room, as though it actually mattered? WOW!

    And so, at what point does the “observer’s” complacency become complicity? I say; the instant there is any complacency whatsoever. The “observers” therefore share equal status as suspects in all of this.

    And now, while we’re going in and measuring the room dimensions in our minds, getting frothing mad at the mean girl who told the observers not to observe, the fraudsters, the enemy within, have had over a month, and counting, to cover their tracks, tamper with evidence, suborn perjury, and coordinate their stories, etc. This only shows to all the world that we are defeated, even now.

    • The charge against the election “observers”;
      “Conspiracy to compromise public confidence in U.S. and State elections.”

      Whether the public had any confidence in our elections to begin with is an entirely different subject. The crime is still a crime, and the ultra-lame excuses are still ultra-lame.

      Their only plausible defense would be that they were never informed of the seriousness of their duties. But…really? Who wouldn’t have known THAT? So maybe the charge would be;
      “Knowingly hiring or otherwise appointing mentally retarded and/or criminally complicit ‘observers’ for the purpose of undermining public confidence in U.S. and State elections.”

      • How about the fact that the observers are VOLUNTEERS? If you think you can do better, then why weren’t you one of them?

        • If you volunteer for military service are magically protected from any chance of harm? Shit wish they had told me that. Love the way you just dismissed the act of being a volunteer.

          • Exactly. And if you think about it just a little bit, being an election observer is assuming a responsibility that is greater, protecting something this is more crucial, than some military actions in which people are maimed or killed.

            Ideally, observers should be trained in close quarters urban warfare, they should be armed, and should have all the authorization for the use of force, including deadly force, that any military police would have, for this is, at all times, a war. It is a war between the forces of evil on one side and the perfect law of liberty on the other.

            Why mince words?

            It’s fairly simple; either you see it or you choose not to see it. Choose wisely.

            While we’ve all known about election shenanigans now for many years (back in the 1990s I predicted eventual violence at American polling places), can anyone seriously wave this off as something any Tom, Dick or Harry, mom or pop, can simply walk into, taking a break from his job at the flower shop, to watch nice, honest people amicably count ballots, with no expectation of trouble?

            Hell no! And you all know it! You’ve all known it all along. Maybe you just had to be told that you knew it.

  5. Anyone who truly believes that there was no fraud and this was an honest election is DEFECTIVE and should be institutionalized for their safety and the safety of society. The VAST majority of people spouting there was no fraud are simply lying.
    To the typical leftist there ARE NO RULES therefore LYING in service to their agenda is a perfectly acceptable action. This election is the culmination of DECADES of work by the communist left. It is a COUP…a brilliantly executed plan to destroy the existing government of the United States and replace it. There is no other way to describe it.

    • So, do you include Attorney General Bill Barr in your list of “defectives” who should be “institutionalized?”

      Congratulations. You have just re-invented one of the Soviet Union’s tools for suppressing dissent.

      • Oh, what’s the use. Then why do you bother?
        You would have us ignore the government criminality?
        Let’s just start with what we can prove. No speculation.
        Biden provided us his own video of the impeachable “Quid Pro Quo”. We should let him be president? He was impeached last year!
        Harris is a whore. Willie Brown anyone?
        That’s what you want for a president? A true political whore?
        You actually believe those two are best suited to run the country? Trump is a poor enough choice as it is. But Biden/Harris? Really?
        That’s what this country needs, Joe the Joke, and Hotflash Harris in command of nuclear submarines?
        And you’all wonder why people think you need to be institutionalized? Wonder no more! Your F&%King Insane!
        And Bob Barr isn’t even able to put Hillary away? Because why?
        Like I said before. YFI!
        Dan’s right.
        So, what’s the use? Because no one is going to like the alternative, sweetheart.

        • Why do you assume I think Mr. Biden is wonderful? He may be adequate, if Congress can keep him in check. His predecessor is inadequate.

          I do wonder how you can claim Biden was “impeached last year,” when he held no Federal office at the time.

          As for your allegations of “government criminality,” if you are referring to the election, none so far have stood up in court. We have a systems of laws, not the collection of autocratic whims and fantasies you appear to prefer.

          Like most of Joe’s commentariat, I can’t tell if you’re a willing tool, a dupe or a fool. It’s sad to see the decline in everything from grammar and spelling to clarity of thought.

          As for “what’s the use,” it really is no use to argue with your lot, other than wind you up and see how easily supposedly small-government conservatives fall prey to a narcissistic demagogue. Barry Goldwater wouldn’t crossed the street to spit on you.

          • Heard rumors about the Chinese communist 50 cents a comment army. Guess it wasn’t such a rumor after all?
            They impeached president Trump for what they called a “quid pro quo” with a foreign leader.
            We have a video of Biden actually doing what the left called an impeachable offense.
            Doesn’t that make Biden impeachable even before he takes office? What’s the use, right?
            Maybe you didn’t get to see the video in China?
            When you won’t let election watchers, watch.(proven). Your election is null and void.
            If your not for Trump. Your for Biden. (there’s only the one of two choices going to be president.)
            Barry Goldwater.
            1) Wouldn’t cross the street to spit on me. Because he would get his ass kicked.
            2) Wouldn’t want to come anywhere near me. Because he would fair about as well as his snot-nose son did, when last we met. (He choked on his doughnut in front of 300 hundred people over a simple, yet embarrassing constitutional question.)
            And as for my spelling and gammar. You and Lyle have more in common than you know.
            They really pay you folks money to comment over there?

  6. “As a single, professional woman in my forties, and very much in the public eye, dating wasn’t easy,” Harris, who is now married to Douglas Emhoff, wrote in her 2019 memoir What I want young women and girls to know is: You are powerful and your voice matters,” Harris told

    • You know, after Russia collapsed. There was a story out that most young woman there wanted to be high paid prostitutes.
      Hell we haven’t even collapsed and their starting in on that crap already! Shame on Harris!

  7. My only quibble: I don’t think Trump himself will be in play in 2022. The left will pile on him like deranged lemmings, and while nothing will stick, he’ll be so busy fending them off he won’t have time to get elected to anything.

    • I don’t expect Trump, and his family, to survive to 2022. Dead or Gitmo will be the choice that the Dems will be deciding. They are NOT going to let him, or anyone close to him, be a living factor in the future. He wins this now, or he is toast. I expect that he is aware of this.

  8. Maybe I should remind y’all of a little bit of American history;
    Look up the “Battle of Athens, Tennessee”. No, I’m not posting a link. Learn to use your search capability.

    In that little dust-up, local citizens (VOLUNTEERS!) took up arms to recover ballots from a corrupt sherif. It involved both guns and explosives. There was blood spilled, but that particular election was thereby decided fairly.

    That’s the standard for how honest citizens deal with cheaters and power grabbers abusing positions of authority, and it stands in the most stark contrast with, “That mean girl told me to stand over there”, which has to be the lamest excuse I’ve ever heard in my 62 years!

    And yet, it seems to define our republic at the moment. Certainly it defines the Republican Party. How long before some future president says, “What was I to do?! That mean girl told me to stand over there! I had no choice!” How long before our five star generals are saying that, or something of equal quality and character?

    Not long, I think.

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