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The Chump Effect is Meigs’s clever term for the bipartisan, broadly shared feeling that various systems are rigged in favor of elites, insiders, and favored groups, which leads to a breakdown in societal trust and trust in institutions. If those guys don’t have to play by the rules, we think, why should I? Meigs delves into social-science experiments that show people motivated by the Chump Effect can act irrationally by effectively volunteering to pay a cost in order that others be punished for ignoring norms.

The political implications of the Chump Effect are obvious: Meigs begins with the story of a man who asked Elizabeth Warren if he, who scrimped to put his child through college, would be entitled to a refund under her proposed new system to forgive student loans. “Of course not,” was Warren’s response. The man was furious: He was being made a chump.

Kyle Smith
November 12, 2020
The Chump Effect
[Emphasis added.

The Chump Effect is a significant component of why socialism and communism always fail.

The politicians don’t abide by state or U.S. Constitutions let alone the laws they pass. Why should they expect others to abide by their laws and regulations?–Joe]


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  1. I say the same thing about proposed amnesty for illegal immigrants. If mere presence and shouting long enough gets you rewards with something you don’t deserve, everyone else who paid money and spend years of their lives, often in limbo, are a bunch of chumps for going along.

    Legal immigrants are some of the dumbest chumps out there if just getting here by any means necessary and shouting “I just want a better life!” gets you all that you want and subsidized at US taxpayer expense. I say that as a legal immigrant who spent 17 years dealing with the US immigration system.

    Have the wrong political victimhood status and you are definitely a chump in the end if politicians get their way.

  2. The chump effect is just one more reason to become ungovernable with plausible deniability and act like the deplorables they think we are.

  3. So if i’m willing to donate my own ammo and shooting time to volunteer for the firing squad that takes out these corrupt bastards after they have been convicted, that makes me an irrational chump? weird.

    • Nah, that just makes you getting your money’s worth.

      I see what Meigs (and Joe) are getting at though. People don’t get pissed if you just get lucky, or you get ahead through application of hard work. Heck, they don’t even get too irked if you game the system a little bit.

      It’s when you blatantly screw them in favor of others, repeatedly, that people start to lose their patience.

      • But the rank and file Leftists DO resent you if you just get lucky or you get ahead through the application of hard work. They believe that if you get ahead you must have gamed the system and screwed someone to get your success.
        Leftists are like the Russian peasants who do not see that the difference in what you charged them to buy the foodstuffs in their village and what you charge for the foodstuffs once you haul it into a city to sell is a legitimate reward for a legitimate business.

  4. Your only a chump if you allow them to get away with it.
    Chump is what we use to be. For the sake of maintaining a civilized society.
    But that was last week. And that curtain has been pulled back. It’s time to make examples of the communist chumps.
    Time to enforce the law.

    • Time to enforce the law.

      Yes. With extreme prejudice. Time to convict some of these egregious foreign-paid actors as the traitors they are. And punish them appropriately.

  5. “The Chump Effect is a significant component of why socialism and communism always fail.”

    That statement is 180 degrees off target. Let me fix it for you;
    The Chump Effect is a significant component of why socialism and communism always succeed.

    You’re looking at a system, the goal of which is to spread frustration, lawlessness, and eventual mass destruction. Then when it works you call it a failure.

    I find that extremely bizarre. I don’t need to have you explain it to me, but you should dig really deep and explain it to yourself.

    And all who allude to becoming lawless as a response to the lawless; you’re falling right into the hands of the enemy, exactly as planned.

    If we’re ever going to overcome the mindset of socialism and communism, we must first understand its source, tactics and goals. They’re really very simple. If the post and the above comments are any indication though, as a people we are nowhere close to identifying this deadly enemy, and much less are we able to respond to it appropriately.

    I wish I’d never see one person, ever again, refer to socialism and communism as “failures”.

    What is wrong with you?

    The evidence of the mass death and destruction caused by socialism and communism screams out from the last 120+ years of history. No force on Earth has been more predictably, massively deadly. How can you possibly waive that off as “failure”? It’s working, and right now, right here in America, the very land of the free. It’s working in you too. If you all can’t see that, then how is the enemy going to be overcome?

    Instead, your response to lawlessness is to threaten to join in and become part of the lawless movement you hate so much.

    What I hear you al saying is tantamount to this; “The atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 both utterly failed”, only worse. You’re being more absurd than that.

    No, see; they were designed to inflict mass destruction. It was their one and only purpose. What is it about that simple concept that is so terribly difficult to understand? Seriously. Why are you looking at spectacularly successful weapons of mass destruction, and calling them “failures”. At what point should you be written off as gibbering, slobbering idiots? After how much evidence?

    The only way to make sense of what you’re all saying is to assume that you believe the lies. Lies which you know full well to be lies. The only way socialism and communism “fail” is if you actually believe their design purpose is to make people happy, free and productive. So who’s the Chump, again? No, see; socialism and communism are the response to, the counter to, people being happy, free and productive.

    Also; if you intercept a pirate, for piracy, and then expect to share in the booty, or feel deprived or cheated if you can’t share in the booty, you’re part of the problem.

    • Lyle, I often wonder what in the actual fuck you are smoking. Usually I just skip past your TL;DR screeds, but thought I’d respond this time.

      Okay – I’ll bite. The purpose of socialism and communism is to spread chaos, lawlessness and destruction. As public policies and political dogmas go, they are very good at that.

      But to what purpose? So the rich can somehow benefit from it? The rich plutocrats now funding BLM and Antifa made their billions through capitalism. Explain to me how they figure they can profit from mass destruction of the mechanisms that made and continue to support their wealth? I really don’t give a damn about the miserable dork protesters and rioters who can’t figure out which sex, race or color they are, let alone how to make a living or get along in a polite society. They are just pawns in this, being manipulated by media, academia, and charismatic leftist leaders. f they were all to Rapture tomorrow to some socialist version of heaven, I would miss none of them.

      Or is it all Mephistopheles working to expand dominion over the earth? In which case you’re just full of shit, as usual. Why not just target earth for an extinction level asteroid strike?

      • Because suffering, loss of hope, and turning away from God are the ends in and of themselves for the devil, perhaps? Their minions gloat and enjoy out suffering and loss. That is what gives them pleasure. The goal of power is to do what others are not allowed to do….

      • “Explain to me how they figure they can profit from mass destruction of the mechanisms that made and continue to support their wealth?”

        It stops anyone else from getting wealthy enough to challenge them?

        They control lots of money and are bored with that, so people are next on the list of things to dominate?

        A warped sense of reality because they are rich enough they don’t have to care about other people’s opinions whatsoever?

  6. It comes down to basic morality. “What would you do if you knew nobody would ever find out”. I resent being a chump. I see red when someone in a position of trust or authority abuses that trust or authority for self enrichment or self-agrandizement. Gavin Newscum makes me want to strangle baby harp seals and drink their blood! The other side of the coin is that I will not treat others as chumps. I’ve been told several times that I could have been a formidable salesman. The idea disgusts me. Those who use their social intelligence and leadership skills to take advantage of others are the worst kind of scum. If you have real morals, the Golden Rule must be an important part of your ethos. Such people refuse to make chumps of others. All those who are “chumpers” are overdue for an appointment with a noose, including vast swaths of our political operatives and media employees.

    • And a reason why people are turning away from capitalism is the “greed is good’ variety of capitalism where the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandants are violated without giving them a second thought. It makes people feel like chumps.

  7. If you are playing poker and you can’t figure out who is the mark, it’s you.

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