Quote of the day—Navid Keshavarz-Nia, Ph.D., Ed.D.

I conclude with high confidence that the election 2020 data were altered in all battleground states resulting in a hundreds of thousands of votes that were cast for President Trump to be transferred to Vice President Biden. These alterations were the result of systemic and widespread exploitable vulnerabilities in DVS, Scytl/SOE Software and Smartmatic systems that enabled operators to achieve the desired results. In my view, the evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible.

Navid Keshavarz-Nia, Ph.D., Ed.D.
November 25, 2020
[I wish the lawyer writing this up knew how to use a spell checker.

Via daughter Jaime.

See also HUGE! Sidney Powell Witness Whom NY Times Described as “Always the Smartest Person in the Room” Concludes Hundreds of Thousands of Votes Transferred from Trump to Biden IN ALL BATTLEGROUND STATES.

Some of Keshavarz-Nia credentials:

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Master’s degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering from George Mason University, a Ph.D. degree in Management of Engineering and Technology from CalSouthern University and a Doctoral (Ed.D) degree in Education from George Washington University. I have advanced training from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), DHS office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

I am employed by a large defense contractor as a chief cyber security engineer and a subject-matter expert in cyber security. During my career, I have conducted security assessment, data analysis and security counterintelligence, and forensics investigations on hundreds of systems. My experience spans 35 years performing technical assessment, mathematical modeling, cyber-attack pattern analysis, and security counterintelligence linked to FIS operators, including China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia. I have worked as a consultant and subject-matter expert supporting the Department of Defense, FBI and US Intelligence Community (USIC) agencies such as the DIA, CIA, NSA, NGA, and the DHS I&A supporting counterintelligence, including supporting law enforcement investigations.


11. Despite DVS’s constant denial about the flaws of its systems, the company’s ImageCast Precinct optical scanner system was totally hacked in August 2019. This occurred during the largest and most notable hacker convention, called DEFCON Voting Machine Hacking Village in Nevada. The DVS ImageCast Precinct is an integrated hybrid voting equipment by combining an optical paper ballot and ballot marking device to allow accessibility for the visually impaired. The system runs the Busybox Linux 1.7.4 operating system, which has known medium to high level exploitable vulnerabilities to allow remote attackers to compromise the VDS. (J. Moss, H. Hurtsi, M. Blaze et al., Voting Village Report, DEFCON Village Report in association with and Georgetown University Law Studies; Online Source: https://media.defcon.org/DEF%20CON%2027/voting-village-report-defcon27.pdf). The report indicated that “many of the specific vulnerabilities reported over a decade earlier (in the California and Ohio studies, for example) are still present in these systems today (A. Padilla, Consolidated report by California Secretary of State, Top-to-Bottom Review summary and detailed report, Page 4 (Online Source: https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ovsta/frequently-requested-information/top-bottom-review)

The operating system software is Busybox Linux 1.7.4. This was released in 2008. Yes, the O/S of the voting software in states of the most interest to the entire nation has not been updated in over 12 years. In the computer security world this is regarded as something close to highly radioactive and the hardware using this software should be immediately removed from network connections then decommissioned or updated.

In my job I report, on a weekly basis, computers which I have found that have reached end of life and are no longer supported when they are just one day past the date of last support. Something 12 years past support with a connection to the Internet would have my VP talking to someone else’s VP in a very stern tone of voice.

I know of some cases where the offending computer has been immediately disconnected from the network with no effort to contact the owners. The attitude being something along the lines of, “If they are this ignorant, stupid, and/or careless, they don’t deserve to be notified. Let them figure it out on there own—if they can.”

In this case the company has known for “over a decade” the system was insecure. My inclination is that this was no accident or carelessness. There is a high probability this was deliberate. People should go to prison for this.

It looks as if the Kraken has been released.—Joe]


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  1. I’m reasonably sure that people will not just be going to prison (though there will be hundreds, maybe thousands, of those). There will also be executions for various federal crimes, given there was foreign money and servers involved. It’s sedition and treason. Exciting times.

  2. Layers upon layers of deception, shenanigans, false dialectics and fake paradigms. Every little bit of truth you may find in politics is sandwiched, carefully, strategically, between layers of deception. The only truth you will hear is that truth which is being used as a special ingredient to promote the selling of lies. The only justice you will see is that little bit of calculated “justice” used as the rationalization, excuse, justification or distraction, so as to promote more and greater injustice.

    Mary Poppins said it best; “Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down….in the most de-light-ful waaaayyyy.”

    In other words; don’t hold your breath. Don’t think the dam has finally broke, or, “we really have them this time!”, or any such. We’ve been through this sort of thing dozens of times already, never to see any change in the overall trajectory we’ve been on for generations, which is the trajectory toward the elimination of the perfect law of liberty in the world. The only dam that’s going to break, for now, is the dam that’s been holding back all-out evil and mass destruction.

    This may only be the next step toward that “global reset” we keep hearing about– It might be the distraction from something worse than a major, international election fraud conspiracy, for if our eyes are being directed along vector A, chances are vector A is the last place we should be looking. The overt scandal is a tool, used to hide or to otherwise facilitate something more important to the enemy. Don’t bother getting excited by them. There’s really nothing to see there, beyond seeing these things as the signs of the times as relating to prophesy.

    But there is good news. The good news is that, although we are utterly incapable of saving ourselves, although the next “strong man” is always just the next step on the path to destruction, our Creator has a plan of salvation that trumps all the subtle cleverness of the enemy. It’s just a matter of choosing which of the two sides you’re on.

    • “A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.”
      I think that what is happening is that truth is so vital and scarce, every lie has a thin veneer of truth on it, so people don’t recognize that the lies are wide, odious, thick and deep.

      • Yup. Matt Taibbi has a great piece on that exact subject:

        “We don’t talk about why people are losing their minds, for the increasingly obvious reason that culture war is the only thing standing between America’s plutocrat class and a lot of pitchforks. So what we’ll get more and more of, as the country grows less stable, are inciting narratives: the sticks are filled with gun-toting loons, Antifa wants your house. This is what happens when a society runs out of myths to sell to the public. After a generation of lies and failures, our fear of each other is all our leaders have left.”


        • And it all boils down to one concept: fairness. Do all parties get their fair share? It’s not just about things, it’s also about the ability to live your life as you want. And most importantly, you’re the one that gets to define what seems fair to you.

          So now we have the culture war, which unless the parties back off will result in a real war.

  3. Hmm, after reading his statement all I see is illegal combustible material with little smoke and no fire. Sure, his findings could be pursued, but I don’t expect that will happen in this environment.

    Any judge that would dare to take such charges seriously, knows that they and the country would feel the immediate wrath of the left. IMO it is common place for officials make decisions based on external considerations that in their opinion outweigh the merits of the decision before them. Why should an election be any different? Why would even the highest court in the land be any different?

    As Lyle keeps pointing out the level of corruption in our society is deeply embedded in both parties, but in reality it is just human nature. And any society that succeeds has to succeed in spite of human nature – a reality that our founders understood and one that we are now experiencing.

    • “ Any judge that would dare to take such charges seriously, knows that they and the country would feel the immediate wrath of the left.”

      The judiciary is now fully biased towards conservatism…Trump has filled more judge positions than several previous presidents combined (thanks to McConnell’s obstruction of Obama appointments). The Supreme Court is majority conservative. The president is conservative. The senate is conservative. Basically the entire government is run by conservatives. Why would they have any fear of pursuing valid election corruption?

      • There are laws of the land, there are more and less conservative judges (consider the chief justice), and there is human nature. And we know that judges and others, do make decisions based on external considerations beyond the merits of the case. Of course, few will admit this and proof is elusive especially in official roles.

        How much proof of the validity of this case would you need if you were in their robes?

        • “How much proof of the validity of this case would you need if you were in their robes?”

          A lot more than what’s contained in the OP document link. That doc basically makes two fundamental assertions: 1) The voting computers can be/have been hacked in the past. 2) The writer sees anomalies in the election data that he thinks indicate foul play.

          As for 1), I’ve never worked on a system that didn’t have vulnerabilities, so that’s not surprising nor indication (to me) of a conspiracy. As for 2), that’s an interesting observation, but without an actual exploration as to *why* those anomalies exist, all he has is correlation.

          Correlation does not imply causation.

          So if I’m the judge in the case, I’m going to want 1) actual proof that the election systems were hacked as part of this election (or that a past hack was exploited by someone to influence this election), 2) named persons who we think did it, 3) proof that there’s a direct connection between 1 and 2, and 4) evidence as to the method they used to do it.

          But what I’ve heard thus far is “these computers are crappy and insecure, and the numbers coming back from the election are weird, so I think it’s a conspiracy.” Even conservative judges (including Trump appointees) are hearing these arguments from Republican lawyers and throwing them out because they don’t meet even the lowest bar for evidentiary proof.

          • That’s why I said “illegal combustible material with little smoke and no fire”. We live in a world where all sort of bad things could happen – that does not mean that they did or will.

            As for the statistics, I don’t have much confidence in them especially when they are used on observational data. At most they can only raise doubts – they are not proof unless linked with real known actions.

          • Oh ya, nothing to see here. Move along.
            No one can prove the obvious? Right?
            This is the real problem, You can’t steal an election. You might act like you did. But you can’t.
            Especially with someone like Joe Biden. Or back door in someone like Harris (pun intended). Those that think they can, and believe everything will keep working like it has before. Are like Jr. in the video a couple posts back thinking he’s really going to be able pull it off.
            The lies are far to obvious. What is also obvious is that the rule of law they all stuff down peoples throat this time has lost it’s magic.
            And anyone with shoe size IQ knows it.
            Biden/Harris lost, The only question is how bad is America going lose?
            And that we’ll soon be finding out.

          • John Schussler: The way this should work is that the plaintiff presents enough evidence of probable cause, and in this domain that the numbers could have changed the election, and the judiciary then uses at the plaintiff’s request its coercive powers to subpoena documents, compel depositions and testimony, etc. You can’t demand “proof” from the plaintiff when it can’t be gained without such compulsion.

          • Where’s the probable cause? There’s nothing here but a correlation between two elements that might or might not be related. Even a narcotics agent bringing in a drug pusher needs more than that….

            Part of what tells me this is BS is the fact that they’re letting Giluliani talk. In public. In front of people. He was such a clusterfuck in court that the judge (a Trump appointee, mind you) dismissed the case *with prejudice,* which means “your case was garbage and I don’t want to see you in here again.”

            If all this is so obvious and clear, I’d expect some bulldog Republican attorneys to be wiping up the dems in court with ease. That doesn’t appear to be happening.

          • The “with prejudice” issue was not because there was lack of evidence of fraud. Fraud wasn’t the issue in this case as presented:

            the point of this lawsuit is not to decipher whether mail-in balloting is right or wrong or to claim fraud.

            The case was dismissed because of the lack of timeliness. The court claims case should have been brought to the court many weeks or months before the election rather than after the election. And even that point is being contested (if someone was harmed by an unconstitutional law, say not allowing one to have a lawyer present while being questioned, why should they be forbidden to challenge the law after they have been convicted?). The case will be appealed to SCOTUS.

          • Which still leaves the basic question of “why Giuliani?” Dude hasn’t been in court in 20 years, and made a dog’s breakfast of his appearance this time. If this is all such a slam dunk, where are the top notch lawyers from the Republicans? My understanding is that to the extent they had good lawyers, those lawyers backed out and all that’s left are showboaters like Giuliani.

            It’s this continued drumbeat of “it’s obvious, the fraud is obvious, the lies are obvious, it’s all just so obvious” that doesn’t hold water. If it’s so obvious, then the obvious result would be Republican lawyers giving the other side a good spanking in court. That’s not happening. Why?

          • As for the lawyers that backed out, have you not heard of “cancel culture” and “death threats”?

            I find it very telling that you are focusing on the supposed character of one person rather than the facts of the cases express in the hundreds of affidavits.

          • I look at it this way: folks on the right are claiming this is a “battle for the soul of America,” and that great crimes have been committed. So the guy they send into battle, to bring the pain to an enemy that’s doing great evil is…Captain Chucklenuts?

            That they would do that indicates to me that they don’t think it’s a winnable battle. If you really want to win, you send in your best fighters. But they sent Giuliani, who is just a sacrificial lamb to keep up the show.

            As for “hundreds of affidavits,” I have yet to see any that don’t express basically the same opinion as your OP: “We know some of these machines are or have been insecure, and we think some of the numbers reported are funny, ergo crime/conspiracy.” The fact that lots of people share that opinion doesn’t make it any more true.

          • Coomer? Eric Coomer? Mr. Navid has a few questions for you about your software.
            Please rise your right hand and…. Don’t bother, everyone knows you’ll lie.

  4. There is no shortage of evidence, proof, facts. Anyone with the IQ of soap knows the left committed vote fraud on an EPIC scale. They didn’t even TRY to hide it.
    They are 100% sure that they OWN all of the government mechanisms tasked with investigating such fraud, trying such fraud and meting out punishment. They are 100% certain that they will win and that NOTHING will happen to anyone involved in the multiple crimes committed during this election. And to date there is ZERO evidence that they are wrong in that assumption. Virtually EVERY effort that Trump and his side have made to have the results of this fraud overturned have met with failure in the courts. I have little faith that he will prevail in the utterly corrupt judiciary America is saddled with. For Trump to win
    he will have to do so extrajudicially…….as in military tribunals etc. I’m not holding my breath. And the ONLY way the criminals on the left ever face justice for this
    crime of the century is via the only justice they cannot subvert…..vigilante justice.

    • Spot on Dan. If they understood the beast staring at them like lunch, Stacey Abrams would be voting for Trump.

  5. So John S., Your actually telling us that Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama did in fewer counties?
    A guy that could barely get 20 paid shills in a room. Beat a guy that had 20,000 people standing in the cold at midnight to see him?
    The real problem is no one needs a court of law to see the lie your telling.
    And the last root your side is hanging over the cliff by is that we should all obey law you ignore anytime it suits you?
    Something you don’t seem to understand is Trump was the only thing saving you’all. By keeping the American’s Hoping against hope of a better future.
    All your sides done is whine.
    When Biden puts his hand on the book he will be lying through his teeth. And a !00 million pissed off well armed people will know it. Even if you don’t. And will have just lost hope. I believe the word will be, Ungovernable?
    What you, Joe and the Hoe going to do then? Go to court?

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