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It’s unfortunate, but short of a judge ordering a do-over, another election … short of that, I really don’t see how you fix this.

This election, it appears to me, has been decided by ballots that are highly questionable. They’re anomalous.

I cannot say with confidence who won this election. I don’t think anybody can.

Matt Braynard
November 25, 2020
Election Findings Could ‘Easily’ Overturn 3 States, Data Analyst Concludes
[We live in interesting times.—Joe]


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  1. I agree, lets have a do over in 6 month. No mail in. ID required. A purple finger vote.

    • The purple finger was intended to give the Iraqis confidence in the result. It’s gotten to the point that America — AMERICA! needs a purple finger vote, and Iraqis and Senegalese and Angolans to watch the process as election monitors.
      Who are the criminals and why are they still walking the streets pointing at conservatives and Republicans to try to dodge their responsibility for this mess?

  2. At this point it would seem that an honest, national election is impossible. The disrupters, having metastasized throughout the country into every institution and district, would ensure an election’s questionability. Not necessarily even to affect any particular outcome, but to deprive our system of the appearance of legitimacy and honesty.

    My question is; after generations of our government turning a blind eye to what has at times been blatant election fraud, why only now start acting like it’s a problem? Why the sudden, apparent change in tack? What’s the plan here? Why would someone commit massive fraud for years and years, and then all of a sudden pretend to start investigating themselves? Of course I pose the question under the assumption that, when it comes to national and international politics, things are never quite what they appear to be, that everything is part of a ruse of some kind, that whenever any actual truth can be found, it will be sandwiched between layers of lies. Don’t swallow it!

    Blatant fraud, flaunted up in our faces, apparently not trying to hide it? All I can figure at this stage is that their objective is the escalation of division and strife, possibly to civil war. Of one thing I think by now we can be certain; this is not the pursuance justice or the restoration of law and order, coming as it is, for no apparent reason, after more than a century of routine, institutionalized lawlessness.

    Rather, this has all the flavor of a mad woman trying her level best to get her husband to strike her so she can file a domestic violence case against him and thus take everything from him including (and especially) his reputation. In this case the woman would be the Marxist/authoritarian world as directed by Rome (the whore of Babylon), and the husband would be the fundamental principles of liberty as from the Bible. All of this, so it can be said afterwards, “They tried it. It was the American Experiment, and it failed.”

    • “after generations of our government turning a blind eye to what has at times been blatant election fraud, why only now start acting like it’s a problem? Why the sudden, apparent change in tack?”

      Simple answer: TRUMP

      More complicated answer: If the fraud is allowed to stand, CIVIL WAR. And not a nice, polite one like the 1861-65 unpleasantness.

      • Trump fights back. He cannot be convinced, as Nixon was in 1960, that it is more noble to be the loser than to expose criminal subversion of such an important American institution.
        On top of this, Nixon was sixty years ago, and a lot of disturbing facts have come to light, people are no longer so trusting of media as they might have been long ago.
        Civil War. 2.0 will not be as polite, because by and large it will not be a sectional conflict as the last one was. It will not be defined by front lines. This one will truly be brother against brother.

  3. We already have a “do over method”: the election goes to the US House of Representatives, where the vote is by state delegation. One state, one vote.

    It’s almost like people back 200 year ago knew something about how an election process could be corrupted, and they compromised on a backup plan in case one or more states could not verifiably certify that their election process was clean.

    Clean elections are what people have generally decided to do instead of the old way: gather armed men in an open field, and then, one way or another, whichever side has the most that leave that field as an organized body get their policy preferences implemented. Some people thought that method had some downsides, particularly in the in light of sudden reductions in the available workforce.

    What several people have forgotten is that the men-in-a-field method is desirable over the prospect of dirty elections, or even elections that are not verifiably clean. These same people have generally become used to dirty elections where their own populace don’t care, which is why they are still alive. I think that populace would begin to care if they were told their indifference to their electoral processes is why they don’t get to count this election cycle. There is a certain amount of pour encouragez les autres needed to get the nation generally enthusiastic about an electoral process where they are sure the other side can’t cheat because they themselves can’t cheat, and if they themselves could cheat, there is a real possibility the entire district will be cancelled.

    • Years ago, I saw an analysis of voting participation that noted that voting turnout was low when there was a perception of stability, no matter what the outcome. Examples cited were the US and Switzerland. When things were perceived as less stable, interest is high and intense. The US is anything but stable at this point with more than half the population contemplating the prospect of civil war. Leftists, of course, blame Trump and his supporters, buying into absurd media narratives about white supremacy, anti-Semitism and the like. Slightly more sophisticated leftists are stuck in the past and resent Trump’s upsetting of the New World Order of the post-Reagan presidents and most leaders of other countries. Conservatives have grievances going back to Bush I what with the contempt that the ruling class holds for us, leftist cultural warriors on the march and economic exploitation as exemplified by the hollowing out of the industrial heartland. Trump has given voice to these grievances by letting us see the power of a leader that doesn’t betray us. So it is a powder keg waiting for a spark. Sparks are unpredictable so it could be next week or 20 years from now but the powder keg will be waiting.

      Given the pronouncements of leftists now that they think they have won, for Conservatives every election now is a Flight 93 election. Hopefully, Trump’s legal challenges will succeed buying us more time. We had better use it wisely because the Left is relentless and their hatred for us will only be increased.

  4. Harris/Biden’s margins are slim. As the Trump legal teams only want the questionable votes thrown out. It’s quite doable for the courts.
    That said, Joe and the Hoe are lining up to be all Obama’s father could ever dream of.
    As a 100 million Trump voter sing, Ooooh -a- oooh, what’ca ya gon’a do about me!

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