Black Friday sale on Insights Training

Almost all of my training has been through Insights. I highly recommend them. They are having a sale on their training. Here are the details:

Your mission this weekend: save on training

The more you buy the more you save!

1 day $245/day
2 days $240/day
3 days $235/day
4 days $230/day
5 days $225/day
6 days $220/day
7 days $215/day
8 days $210/day
9 days $205/day
10+ days $200/day

Follow this link to Black Friday goodness…

Prices go up $25 per day in 2021, but you can save up to $75 per day. With this deal you’re training even cheaper than 2020!

2021 Classes will be posted on the website very soon

We know ammo is going to be an ongoing problem so we will start allowing 22LR for a portion of our mainline classes. We will have .22LR ammo available, .22LR conversion kits, .22LR semi-autos, plus we’re working on an ammo deal to be able to provide 9mm at a reasonable price.
We will be running:
Basic Handgun
General Defensive Handgun
Handgun Fundamentals
Intermediate Defensive Handgun
AR-15 Fundamentals
Home Defense Tactics
Street and Vehicle Tactics
Plus some cool new classes:
Pistol Caliber Carbine
General Purpose Rifle
Battle Rifle
Precision Rifle Prep
Direct Action – Dynamic Clearing
Urban Operations – Surveillance
and more!

The fine print: Offer ends at end of day Monday, November 30, 2020, and is not valid for “Red Dawn” classes. Training day funds are valid for tuition only and do not include additional equipment or rentals. To use your sale funds for a class, please call the office to register.
For more information about all of our classes, visit . To register, go to the website, call us at 425.827.2552 or email us at:
Stay safe and we’ll see you in class!

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