3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Richard Feldman

  1. We could re-phrase it as;
    “Money isn’t corrupt – people are corrupt.”
    “Money doesn’t cheat – people cheat.”
    “Guns don’t murder people – criminals and governments murder people.”

    One could fill a book with quotes of a similar nature.

    Anyway; I would gladly vote for liberty if I could but find it on my ballot. Apparently someone doesn’t want it on there. Apparently someone wants to limit our choices to the many and various forms, styles, flavors, etc., of tyranny, and to the many and various rationalizations for the same. You will forgive me if I’m not terribly enthusiastic about choosing one, thereby granting to it my stamp of approval, thereby allowing those of evil persuasion to say, “Hey, you voted for it!”

    Maybe I’ll just write in “liberty” and vote for that. But you know it can always be minconstrued and/or re-interpreted and/or “reimagined”. “Liberty for who?” Liberty for what?” “What exactly do you mean by ‘liberty'”? “What place, existentially speaking, does your so-called ‘liberty’ have in this modern age, while our children are dying, the poor are suffering and women are still not exactly the same in every way as men?” etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

    Corruption knows no bounds, and so it is curruption which has been “liberated”.

    And of course then the “Evangelicals” and their allies will step in and say, “We need God!” and enough will follow along, and the rest will tolerate the movement, such that the whole world will be lead back to a New Dark Ages, for now as then, all roads do indeed lead to Rome.

  2. What a foolish naive innocent outlook. Of course “money doesn’t vote”. But it DOES buy people who DO vote.

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