Incoherent wailing

From Becket Adams at the Washington Examiner, New York Times opinion section comes unhinged ahead of the 2020 election regarding What Have We Lost?:

Featuring all 15 New York Times opinion columnists, the collaboration asserts that its aim is to explain “what the past four years have cost America, and what’s at stake in this election.” However, rather than explore seriously and realistically the short- and long-term consequences of the Trump presidency, the project comes across more like a collective nervous breakdown, full of self-absorbed handwringing and wild-eyed proclamations about the future of the republic.

“Persuasion,” argues New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof.

“The conundrum for those of us trying to change minds is that the more urgently we shout, the less we’re heard,” he writes. “The challenge for opponents of Trump like myself is that our denunciations of the president sometimes backfire and help him.”

My take from reading the same web page is that I have no clues what they are talking about when it is apparent they believe they are saying something very profound. For example, would someone please tell me what this is supposed to mean:

Hank Willis Thomas

Over the past four years, we have lost nearly everything and nothing at all. Nothing was lost but everything. Everything that is won can be lost, because winning and losing are nothing, after all.

I can sort of grasp what this guy is saying but I would have to reverse the direction of what he perceives as “forward” to believe he has a clue about what he is talking about:

Bobby C. Martin Jr.

America has lost all trust. Gone is any confidence in our institutions. Lost is our standing in the world. More divided than ever, we don’t even trust one another. Now is not the time to despair. We can’t get cynical. We can’t be afraid. Action is the only way forward. Vote. Vote. Vote.

In the end I’m inclined to agree with Adams. The New York Times people have no self awareness. This “project” of theirs, intended to be something profound, is merely an incoherent wailing:

The ahistorical lamentations featured in the New York Times’s “What have we lost?” project are neither insightful nor even particularly original. They are just the latest notes in a long, unbroken wail that began in November 2016.

If they could bottle that, like Liberal Tears, I’d used it to oil my guns.


6 thoughts on “Incoherent wailing

  1. this is what happens when twits have absolutely nothing to say of any moment — just the bathos of self absorption.

  2. Some of these quotes can be easily flipped around:

    Cleon Peterson
    “In the days before the election, serious questions prevail. Will our country head toward goodness, honesty and equity? Or will we let our differences divide and destroy us? We are not powerless. We can appeal to what deep down each of us knows is right, and move forward knowing that we are responsible for one another and the world we live in. ”

    I could agree with those words if it were not for the context in which they were written.

    We do not really have a crisis in this country except for the one that you and ilk have manufactured because you did not like the result of the 2016 election or anyone daring to question your ideas. You may think that everyone in the world agrees with you, but I assure you that is not the case.

    Its all GIGO!

  3. I couldn’t read passed the author and titles. But the one that stuck me was;
    It’s exhausting to be this outraged all the time. By Maureen Dowd.
    Allow me to finish that title for you Ms. Dowd. “But for that kind of money, we’ll manage!”

    • So thinkhow totally broken they will be after 4 (MORE!) years of Trump, what with arrests of pedos, human traffickers, a sealed border, speedy deportation of illegals, a booming economy, a shrinking government, total energy independence, middle east peace and deals breaking out all over the place, troops coming home, hundreds of corrupt pols in jail, media giants bankrupt, and more, for year after year after year, only to have Don TrumpJr elected into office to continue the work in 2024? They will be so broken down they’ll get Stockholm Syndrome and embrace the guy as an act of self-preservation.

      • As long as Trump stays on the warpath. What if “They” want to cut a deal?
        Trump must remember that we hired him to do all those things you just brought up. He needs to put Don jr. as head of the FBI. And someone like Rudy at DOJ. And deportation for anyone that can’t read and live by the constitution as written.
        No more Mr. Dealguy, for the communist. We’ve been playing that game for over a hundred years now.
        How did Reagan put it? “This crap needs to end like last week!”

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