Liberal tears

This made me smile:

A coalition of prominent gun control, teacher and civil rights groups is threatening legal action against the Department of Education if it moves forward with a controversial proposal that would allow states to spend federal funds on guns for school personnel.

“We are extraordinarily concerned with this dangerous, and what we believe to be unlawful, proposal under consideration to supply teachers with federal funds to buy gun for their classrooms, instead of books and school supplies,” said Giffords Law Center chief counsel Adam Skaggs, whose group, which was co-founded by shooting victim and former Rep. Gabby Giffords, is taking the lead on the potential suit.

I know this isn’t a sure thing but if it does end up being a win for us I know daughter Jaime, big fan of President Trump, is going to ask me, “Are you tired of winning yet?” My answer will be, “Nope, we have a lot more battles to win before I get tired of winning.”

In the mean time, I’ll just keep cleaning and lubricating my guns with Liberal Tears:


Update: Liberal Tears are not currently available on Amazon. But they do appear to be available here.


4 thoughts on “Liberal tears

  1. The vendor of the Liberal Tears gun oil must have gotten tired of winning, it’s been unavailable ever since I first noticed it, about two years ago.
    Is there an alternative source? Leftist Tears gun oil? I’d even settle for Leftist Guts auto chassis grease in honor of General Patton.

  2. Danger, Will Robinson! The fedguv is simply following the time-honored formula of: if you can no longer forestall it, co-opt it.

    Remember the Federal Flight Deck Officer Program, that turned an irresistable, independent movement to reclaim personal rights into a bureaucratic dry well?

    “According to one estimate by the executive vice president of the Federal Flight Deck Officers Association, the average pilot who volunteers for their program may spend somewhere in the range of $10,000 of his own money attending training and other activities, such as biannual firearms requalification… Despite the program’s incredibly low cost, the President’s FY 2013 budget request proposed that the funding for the FFDO be cut by $12.6 million, or approximately 50 percent…”

    And in FY2014, the administration proposed eliminating funding entirely. Anyone who is surprised by this venerable deep-state game plan needs his paranoia meter recalibrated.

    Let’s not allow the fedguv to get their hooks into “arming teachers.” It’s a personal right, NOT a government privilege.

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