Quote of the day—Greg Banks

Even after we flush Trump, we have a difficult job to cleanse society of their diseased thinking.

Greg Banks
Island Country (Washington) prosecutor
Posted on Facebook September 30, 2020
[He has turned off his Facebook account, as he has several times in the past. At some time it probably will be turned back on.

More context is here.

Can you imagine being a Trump supporter in his county and your legally concealed firearm is briefly visible while reaching for an item on the top shelf at the grocery store and a Karen spots it?

I shudder to think about it. This is how we get reeducation camps and gulags.

And I was in his county for a few hours last Saturday.

Prepare appropriately.—Joe]


22 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Greg Banks

  1. If you have a silencer and are careful about security cameras I think you will be okay.

    • I think it was a lack of clear thinking that they normalized the wearing of masks at the same time they chose to take the war hot. Sure, it helps their thugs. But it helps individuals more because mobs are easily noticed. Individuals are invisible by comparison.

  2. At some point, likely in the near future, many of us will face a decision point.

    One choice will be to submit to people and thought like this, hoping that its hyperbole and that calmer heads will prevail and that things will return to some semblance of “normal”.

    The other will be to undertake resisting these tyrants in whatever way necessary, refusing to accept their Stalinist mindset and approach to ruling over their subjects.

    IMO, which is solely that, I think we’re reaching an inflection point in the behavior of society. What was accepted and common is no longer so, at least in certain areas dominated by progressive thought and control (note I did not say government, which implies legitimacy), as we’ve seen demonstrated time and time again. There are two standards of law applied depending upon your standing with society. Burn a building, belong to Antifa and BLM, go free. Push down someone aggressively screaming at you while your eating at a table, go to jail and get charged with assault, possibly lose your job as you get smeared across the social networks and “news”.

    I also feel that the left does not understand that the traditionalists and Constitutionalists are not going to broadly accept their march to socialist purgatory and that we’re likely about to see violence on a scale unknown for the last 150 years.

  3. We do indeed have diseased thinking. What I still have trouble wrapping my head around is that just a few years ago these same people believed in free speech and freedom in general (we were the free world). Now they call free speech and freedom diseased thinking. They are the ones that have a disease.

    • I’m with you. where do these people come from? How do you grow up in this country, and come up with an attitude like that?
      I mean law is the study of historical mistakes. And this guy, a lawyer, wants to repeat the worst mistakes ever made?
      It’s getting where you don’t even need the “They Live” sun glasses to spot these aliens. You can hear them easier.
      They think Trumps a turd. (I kind of agree). but man, the hypocrisy of these floaters!

    • It’s not so clear they ever really favored free speech. What has happened instead is that they’ve discovered free speech can be used both for and against their policies, and that is something they don’t want. So long as conservatives didn’t make any real noise, the fact that they had free speech wasn’t a problem for the left yet.

      • I remember the ACLU defending conservative groups, but you’re likely right that as long as the right did not make too much trouble free speech was still an ideal the left could accept. In addition, the left was not near as far left in those days.

        • The ACLU used to be what its name implies, some decades ago. Nowadays they are yet another far left lawfare club. For example, it is well documented that they positively loathe the 2nd Amendment.

  4. Well, that is not dehumanizing to his political enemies at all, now, is it? I’m sure he means it in the nicest, most legally equitable way possible. I wonder if he’s read his history, and knows that it is a necessary first step before pogroms, persecution, and purges….

      • It’s interesting to note how many donations he’s received from leftist strongholds like NYC and Seattle.

    • Wow. That’s not creepy at all.
      Can we get the same done for Biden donations and see how they like it?

      • Why? It would just show the headquarter locations of various large corporations.

    • Ouch… A taste of what tech can do if you are on the wrong side.

      And even this information could cost you your job, your friends, that loan, and so on.

  5. It is said: “All politics is local”
    Each person should be performing their own, individual, local intelligence gathering, compiling detailed dossiers to identify friend and foe alike, and formulating their own plans of suitable action.
    And sometimes fat mouth idjits like this one make the job easier.

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  7. Keeping a list, checking it twice.
    Going to mark down who’s naughty or nice!

    Looks like we are going to need a bigger spreadsheet.

  8. And in classic communist propaganda. At the bottom of their webpage we have a quote from Voltaire. ” Those that can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”……..HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! From the freaking communist party?
    Oh, the absurdities they would have us believe?
    Like communism works as advertised? Or that some senile communist and a real life political prostitute, are going to rise the highest standard of living ever allowed by god?
    Must be a disclaimer from the legal department I guess? Freaking insane! To funny!

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