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… the vast majority of the American liberals quickly reverted to their prior anti2a positions and cheered on the proposed confiscation plans and helped ram anti2a legislation through every state they could as fast as they could.

They failed to realize that there were over 500 million firearms in the US and those they wished to disarm were those who were the most willing to have molon labe be their last words on this planet.

Piper Smith
Posted on Facebook October 17, 2020
[Interesting introduction to a short story or novel.—Joe]


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  1. Not disarming us before they went into the intimidation phase was out of playbook. It keeps them stuck under political cover. Very bad for a movement that requires constant overwhelming force and confusion to succeed. Think Blitzkrieg. With no diesel.
    But they’ve been given quite the free hand in the education system. So that might balance somewhat in the next generation.
    All in all, calling honest armed humans, Deplorable Nazis as part and parcel of your scheme to disarm/conquer them doesn’t speak well of your intellect. Or as Mr. Smith points out. Your plan.
    We won’t be bringing bear spray to gun fights anymore.

  2. They not only want all guns banned they want all guns confiscated by force and those who oppose to be killed. They want gun owners executed for being gun owners and they do not care about the body count. Because what they really want is not just the complete and total ban of private gun ownership and for the government to exterminate every single solitary United States citizen that owns firearms but they also want the government to exterminate every single United States citizen that opposes the extermination of every single gun owner. So the extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that is a family member that lives with a gun owner as well as the extermination of every single child of a gun owner. And also the complete and total extermination of literally every single solitary United States citizen that is not a gun owner but opposes the extermination of every single gun owner.

    That is probably the vast majority of this country. But that does not matter to an ideology whose ultimate goal is The literal complete and total extermination of every single solitary United States citizen that opposes the liberal far left up to and including the literal complete and total extermination of the entire United States population minus themselves. Let’s say that is 90% of the population. To them the extermination of the entire United States population via nuclear carpet bombing is not only morally justified and righteous but absolutely necessary.

    And you know what? I admit I am being insanely hyperbolic but considering how the opposition views people not then as not people I don’t know if what I just said is insanely hyperbolic anymore.

    • Your OK. Imagine having to go on TV every night and defend Gibbering Joe and the communist road show?
      And indeed. What would Mao do to America? Stalin? You ain’t that far from the mark.

      • Karl Hess, Barry Goldwater’s speechwriter in 1964 and one of the founders of the libertarian movement said that when Democrats made the jump from politics as usual, they jumped to Stalinism, while Republicans made the jump to libertarianism. We have a lot of proto-Stalinists as well as full-throttle, no-mercy Stalinists in the Democrat party now. Thanks to the schools teaching Zinn and not civics, it will get worse.

        As for the Leftists not viewing people with differing opinions not people, the native Americans considered the members of their own tribe to be human beings, and the other tribes and whites to be merely people.

  3. That novel could have two very different outcomes. What if molon labe is just a feature since both gun owners and LEOs are despised?

    • Exactly. Were just still rubbing the sleep from our eyes. Sporty times coming though.

    • Hence a comment I’ve been making to LEOs for a while:

      “Very soon, you’ll need to choose a side — the one that requires you to work by the rules, or the one that hates you and wants you gone. Choose wisely.”

      • Matthew Bracken wrote something similar, his essay “Dear Mr. Security Agent” (in “The Bracken Anthology”, 2013).

  4. Nice words. For a story. But if there is anything to be learned from the PlannedDemic we are in the middle of it is that normal honest citizens
    will NOT FIGHT BACK when those in power abuse them. So no…..I truly
    don’t actually believe that if the Gov starts showing up to take guns away
    from citizens we will see very many “molon labe” moments. Normal rational
    people aren’t likely to go out in a “blaze of glory”, even if they manage to take
    one or two hired thugs with them. The key to keeping our 2A rights….along with
    the rest is to go after those seeking to take them away BEFORE the goon squads start being dispatched. Asymmetrical action, at night, when and where THEY least expect it will work. Symbolic resistance at your front door will only get you and maybe your family killed and make great 5 o’clock headlines for the media whores as they crucify you posthumously for being a “terrorist”.

    • Given 50% gun ownership and 500 million guns, give or take, it only takes a percent or two of the country to say “NFW” to the confiscators. You may well be right that the majority of honest citizens won’t actively resist. They may passively resist, by not registering their weapons or actions like that, as has been seen in leftist hellholes like Connecticut or NY.
      As Matthew Bracken, whose novels explore the subject well and in detail, has explained: effective resistance isn’t done by taking out “one or two hired thugs” but by seeking out the leaders of the anti-Constitution forces.

    • This assumes there is electricity to power the 5 o’clock news? Or that the goon squads weren’t home protecting their own asses?
      If the goon squad does make it to your door. You won’t have anything to lose by fighting back. Your right though. Most people won’t fight. But as Pkoning points out. Most of them don’t have to.
      Wouldn’t you say that a nation that is totally dependent on the wheel. Has tires as it’s weakness?
      We just watched a handful of communist Antifa/BLM assholes send millions of acres up in smoke and ash. Destroy countless businesses. Ruin how many lives? How many of them are there?
      And how would one go about rooting them out if they went greyman? Almost impossible.
      The FBI is right. White male gun owners, i.e. “White nationalists”. Are the only real threat to communist run government.
      Take it to heart, and use it.

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  6. Only 500 million firearms owned by free American citizens?

    Either Piper is underestimating or there are some serious slackers out there.

    Unless, of course, Piper is aware of the current explosion of Tragic Boating Accidents, and has accordingly revised the estimate downward.

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