Quote of the day—Larry Correia

All of the newly minted Internet Lawyers who just got their Use of Force Degree from the University of Facebook really should slow their roll and read the statement from the Kenosha kid’s lawyers… Because holy shit.

And keep in mind this comes from MEGA LAWYER, who now has Fuck You Money courtesy of CNN and the WaPo.

As a guy who taught this stuff for a living, I rarely comment on actual shooting because most of the info available to the public is crap, and I’ve never once in my entire life seen the news get the facts even sort of accurate about a violent encounter.

However, in this case, I will comment, and that comment is daaaaaaaaamn. Some DA is about to get force fed a shit sandwich.

That wasn’t a statement, that was a warning shot. That was very much a Dear Fuckface, we’ve got everything on video, all day, documented, in triplicate, and now we’re going to make you choke on it.

Larry Correia
Facebook post on August 31, 2020
[I concur.—Joe]


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  1. Honey, where’s the popcorn?
    Wonder how big Kyle’s check is going to be? Anyone starting a pool?

    • All gloating and posturing aside though, who’s going to end up paying for it, and why should this DA care one way or the other?

      • I think the last time it was CNN and WAPO? And right now the DA is on the personal slander/ libel line. Not counting 242. Which would be a great kick-off of Rolf’s, season of sealed indictments round-up, he keeps talking about.

      • If the DA loses such a lawsuit, either he pays for it, or his county. If his county, that means the voters who live there. This might cause them to re-evaluate whether the crook in question should be re-elected as DA.

  2. One eventually has to ask; what do they (the Marxist, Romish anti-libertarian agitators masquerading as public servants) know that we don’t? Clearly they’re not afraid to lie and cheat in public, or display hypocrisy in the most blatant manners. Have they been guaranteed some form of protection or remuneration from their alliance of evil? Are they under threats from that alliance, or is it a blend of all the above?

    You can go after one drone, one foot soldier here and maybe a sergeant over there, but unless you’re going after that entire infrastructure and system of doctrine, and rooting out and exposing its high command, you’re not really fighting the war. It’s like swatting a couple of hornets and then strutting around as though you’ve accomplished something, scarcely even imagining that there’s a hive queen operating in the dark somewhere, churning out thousands more which you’ll never be able to track down individually.

    The problem with bypassing the drones long enough to focus on identifying and exposing the “queen” in that analogy is we’ll end up discovering that much of what we’ve been supporting all our lives, even fervently, thinking ourselves good patriots, turns out to be an active part of the system we’ve been opposing. Oops! How many people want that sort of let-down for themselves?

    No; it’s much easier, and far more profitable, to sue public officials, having the payouts come from the pockets of taxpayers. And yet that is little more than just another avenue to a seat at the public trough. The queen will barely even notice.

    • For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.. Ephesians 6:12

      Paul knew very well what he was talking about– He himself had been one of the drones of Roman.

      • All true. But this feels more desperate than the normal communist take-over. And they forgot to disarm us. And the word is out. Their political cover is stuck in the metro. It isn’t going to get out.
        Right now some revcom moron could throw a molov at my house. It/whomever would get gunned down on the spot. There is not a jury in 200 miles that would convict me. That’s if you could find a police officer to arrest me.
        Just like they said in Portland. Something about removing trash when it comes to patriot’s prayer? Well commies. Hold that thought!

    • Criminal prosecution of public officials will affect them personally. The odds of that happening right now are very low. But we are prepping the battlespace for that conclusion.

      A year ago, who would have imagined we would have domestic terrorists running loose, not just unopposed, but with the encouragement of a major political party for months? Things happen fast. The tide could turn just as fast.

      • Things happen fast. Exactly. I was told years ago that the Vietnam war would end when the dead started coming to small town America. It did.
        Today, Oregon has it’s own NICS system called FICS. In all of the Obama admin. debacles. The highest the que ever for background checks was about 450 in line. Just the other day I talked to a friend picking up a lower at the shop. The que was over 4000 in line. Took him a week to get approved. It could be the state is just being bigger bitches than normal? But something also tells me it’s come home to small town America.

    • As soon as they defund the police. And common people figure out no one is coming to save the criminals. They will be.

    • In NH, they can be, see RSA 627:7, even if the building isn’t occupied. (If it is, then of course it’s defense of life, 627:4).
      How many other states have that rule, I wonder? It should be a standard rule everywhere.

      • IIRC, all states allow lethal force to stop arson of an occupied structure. Additionally, some allow it if the structure could be expected to be occupied, such as a home, or business during normal business hours. Others allow it for any substantial structure.

  3. friends:

    nothing is over until the fat lady sings?

    i remember in the 1960 when time magazine talked about (and seemed to welcome) the coming revolution. this whole mess is nothing but a continuation of that, with all the players having been educated by the 1960’s radicals who never grew up, or older.

    so far i see no lenin’s, no trotsky’s, no stalins, only a money bags soros and a pathetic bunch of idiots acting out a prolonged adolescence. shoot a couple of ’em, and they’ll loose a lot of their piss and vinegar. and, for god’s sake, prosecute soros for financing them.

    it’ll wrap itself up pretty quickly.

    john jay
    milton freewater, oregon

    • You’re not wrong.

      I think this lot is better funded/organized than the old 60’s-70’s radleft terrorists. I don’t think they’ve got the same overall level of competence and focus though.

      It’s hilarious when the cops roll them up and they start screaming about their rights. Or when a prospective victim shows fangs and they scream ‘Call the police!’.

  4. I wish Larry could be convinced to get off enemy held FaceBook for Gab, or somewhere else not enemy controlled. Not Parler, they are Conservative Inc, and only exist at the pleasure of Google and Apple app stores.

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