2 thoughts on “Arson of Seattle police

  1. Yes. Any number of people have been pointing out that this is an insurgency. Well-funded, well coordinated, protected by various actors within the power structure (like the DA who just keep turning the thugs loose after the cops arrest them, night after night. They have comms, regular transport, etc. It’s clearly a coup attempt, or at least an effort to destabilize things, make people afraid, sow uncertainty and desperation, delegitimatize the government, law enforcement, etc., in an effort to get people to vote “their guy” into office to restore order, or at least to cover the massive vote fraud they’ll attempt in the election (now openly predicting it, calling it the “red mirage” https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/red-mirage-democrat-firm-warns-mail-in-ballots-may-create-false-trump-landslide-illusion-on-election-night , i.e., the “Gregoire Special” on the entire nation. It’s obvious, many people are calling it, the question is what do we do if it materializes? I’m reasonably sure that Q-Anon and Co has it covered, but not knowing the plan in detail, I’d like a backup just in case.

  2. My hope is that some number of the 180k+ Sealed Cases are people who are involved in the vote fraud machinations, and they get unsealed before the election, so that at the very least the vote fraud is minimized, and those under-flunkies who try to “step up” and do it will be so blazingly obvious they could be shot arrested in real time.

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