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One of the most revealing bits of left-wing racism is how they think they can scare 2nd Amendment advocates with pictures of black people exercising their gun rights, i.e., they think the right will be as scared of minorities with guns as they are.

Frank J. Fleming @IMAO_
Tweeted on July 2, 2020
[I suspect another fear is that if black people realize they need to own a gun to protect themselves and their property from rioters and looters and it is leftist politicians who are blocking them from doing so they will become “woke” in a manner which is not favorable to the left.

A reminder; I provide free ammo and gun use for new shooters of any color and sexual orientation when they go to the range with me for the first time. Examples include:

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  1. Projection seems to be one of the defining characteristics of the “progressive” mind.

  2. When you buy the enemy’s terminology, you buy their ideology. The word “racist” is an antiwhite slur. I would council against its use of you don’t want the cold race war to go hot, a la South Africa.

  3. Every time we see a DGU involving a white person, you can be bet the comment section will be FILLED to over flowing with ignorant keyboard warriors telling me that if it had been a person of color then the cops would have shot that DGU person dead dead dead.

    I was reading _The Last Centurion _ and the protagonist talks about “racism” in the SHTF situation he is in. But he goes on to say that it wasn’t discrimination based on skin color or immutable characteristics, it was instead based on cultural discrimination.

    If some “white boy” showed up at a distribution point with his pants down around his knees, acting like a locus and talking like a thug life wanna-be, he didn’t get “extras”, but the person of color that showed up dressed right, acting right, willing to jump in and work did get extras.

    In cases where the cops do shoot, it is often because the suspect is giving off all the wrong cultural signals. They are giving off signals that say “I’m a bad man” and when the cops see “I’m a bad man” signal, they are trained to respect the signal and often will act on it.

    When we see things where we go “Police done do bad” it is often a video where there are no cultural signals of “I’m a bad man” so the actions of the police are interpreted as out of line. This is why so many viral videos start after the “victim” has stopped throwing off “I’m a bad man” signals but before the cops have moved into “we’re safe and the suspect is secured.”

    • I’m pretty sure I saw this sort of thing up close and nearly personal. The home owner had a renter make a “man with gun” call while he was there to discuss problems with his roommates. In essence, the clown SWATed his landlord. Guy carries a very fat wallet in his front pocket (stuffed with old receipts). I was outside when they arrived. Eventually they walked me into the house, cuffed, to stand behind the Sargent. Cops ringing the livingroom/dining room (circular firing squad, anyone?), with the owner standing in the center, hands at shoulder height, slowly rotating, looking at all the cops. Odd sort of look on the owner’s face. I watched the Sargent’s finger go to the trigger of his Glock, and start to slowly pull it. I’m unsure if he was aware he was going to shoot. That slow movement makes me think it was an unconscious action. That’s when I yelled at him “…get on the floor, he’s going to kill you if you don’t!” Owner stopped rotating, and slowly got down, where they proceeded to cuff him. I suspect the odd look, his seeming surveying of the gathering, together with his ignoring all commands, raised mental red flags in the Sargent, at least. Remember the assassin in Miami Vice, played by an IPSC master? That scene is what came to mind afterwards.

      What they didn’t know, is that going hands on with the Chinese owner was just about the most hazardous thing they could have ever done. He’s a high level practitioner of the same martial art as Bruce Lee, and for some years had his own school. He used to regularly go back to Hong Kong for tuneups with people that worked with Bruce. On top of which, he has extensive professional firearms training.

    • So, crawling down a hallway on your hands and knees begging for your life is “I’m a bad man” signal? How about standing in a snow bank with your arms up? Or trying to dispatch your wounded bull along side the road? Jack Yantes style?
      In everyone of those circumstances the police said they felt threatened.
      If you want to get shot by police, just give them that excuse.
      When I was a youth in so. cal.. The police would gleefully chase you down and beat your ass. What changed? Politics. Education. Want to know why police shoot people? Sit in on academy police training. Everyone outside this door is scum! Or something close to that is what gets taught. You feel threatened, shoot the scum! We got your back! And they do have each others back.
      Been working like a charm for years.

      • Worked directly with them for some years, in a contract situation. Turns out they view the public in a very black/white perspective. There is only two types from their viewpoint: victim and perpetrator (perp).

        BTW, always be the first to speak to them, or 911, as that automatically puts you in the “victim” category. You are automatically distrusted and viewed with disdain if you don’t appear to be a victim. Even newbies have this attitude, so they must learn it at the academy, as you point out.

  4. can’t find it right now, but I recall seeing news that the ‘blacks marching with guns in Atlanta’ event was staged. Actors were called up, dressed in black, given guns, told to march past the camera.

    Not all of them, just that one photo op, staged intentionally to provoke whipipo hysteria that did not happen.

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