Quote of the day—Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

[This is my only hope, and a slim one at that, for a semi-peaceful resolution to our current situation.—Joe]


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  1. Are there any other options? It would be nice if we could wake up from our sleepwalk into chaos and find that everything has returned to normal, but I don’t see that happening.

    At this point, I’m concerned that rights and laws no longer matter when the mob rules and the willingness of government officials to do and say anything to appease the mob. We’ve become a nation of ‘rules for thee, but not for me’ cancel culture based on who you are. And it seems that no one has the ‘right’ to even display force, let alone use it – except for the mob. Even our government seems selectively constrained.

    I wonder if this is what happened in other revolutions. We know names, events, and outcomes from history, but far less about feelings. Solzhenitsyn is one exception I know about, but he was writing about the aftermath.

    And what was the role of ‘secret’ societies in resisting the mob?

    • Just like in CHAZ. The mob gets political cover to do whatever to whomever appears to resist them. The only difference I see is that they haven’t given them uniforms yet. But it’s coming. Behold our new security forces.
      I would love to hold out hope. But once again, who is going back to normal after the next election?

      • Breaking: Shooting in CHOP – two shot one dead. Few details. Police blocked from responding.

        Maybe they will show the world and the city that they are incapable of governing.

        • Where’s the tier one operator, MRAP driving SWAT team we saw in New Mexico? Full force. Face down in the ground for the perps, were here for by god law and order, action shots?
          Oh, sorry, that’s only for you militia types.

    • When you realize that the same people funding organizing / controlling the mob in the CHAZ and elsewhere, are also pulling the string of the media and have compromised a significant percentage of DA, congress-critters, judges, and cops, and realize it’s all part of a coordinated insurrection, the impression of what’s going on changes. They are trying to destroy and rewrite history, and our schools are not only letting them, they are helping them.

      Going to be a hot summer.

  2. He’s picking supreme court justices? At the same time he can’t even arrest some commie asshat’s for violations of black letter law? He keeps talking support of 2A. And what is the BATF fixing to do with pistol stocks? What, just in case Biden gets elected they’ll be ready to go? Or is he going to support the 2A to death like the rest of the country. He can have my vote. Not my trust.
    The way things are going, that tweet is about as close to SCOTUS as the commies are going to let him get.

    • Exactly! Nailed it.
      I just keep hearing “Trust me. They’ll be REALL conservatives THIS time.”
      (Insert “Drain the swamp”, “Build a real wall”, “Declare antifa a terrorist org”, “Lock her up” etc etc in the sentence above.)

    • MT, which federal law are you talking about?
      Chet, as for “other options”, there’s impeachment, but there aren’t enough honest politicians in either chamber of Congress to make that work. Or likely to be any time soon.

      • Well, how about, sanctuary cities, 18usc1324, Aiding and abetting an illegal alien?
        How about 15 USC.. Anti-trust/collusion laws for Obama care?
        Lets for forget 18USC 241& 242 Depriving of constitutional rights and conspiracy to do same?
        Money laundering, Incitement to riot, racketeering, the man act, gun running, need we go on?
        Oh, but no church service for you. even if your in your car with the windows rolled up! (Sorry that wasn’t federal.)

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