Quote of the day—Frank J.

We don’t need democracy, we just need to trust angry mobs. Who can ever get the biggest mob and makes them the angriest should make the rules.

Frank J.
Random Thoughts: JK Rowling and Angry Screaming
June 17, 2020
[SCOTUS dropping (almost) all of the 2nd Amendment cases on Monday made the truth of the quote above all the more clear.

Monday was extremely depressing for me. I’ve been donating thousands of dollars per year to SAF and FPC to pursue these court cases, I write letters to representatives, I follow the rules, and urge others to do the same. And what are people going to learn from current events?

The lesson to many is going to be exceptionally clear. You are a fool if you follow the rules. The proper way to get your way, no matter how delusional you are, is to riot and loot. This will not end well. And all I will be able to do is say I tried and failed.

I still have a tiny sliver of hope. And that is Trump wins in landside this November, Republicans continue their hold in the Senate and another 2nd Amendment supporting SCOTUS justice or two are appointed by the end of 2024. By that time I will have been fighting this fight and following the rules for 30 years.—Joe]


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  1. Every few weeks it’s becoming more obvious that Justice Roberts wouldn’t recognize a constitutional principle if it conked him on the head. He only worries about how he is perceived by the far left.

    • That’s how you act when they have pictures of you fornicating a goat. Or worse. It’s tucked right there in Hillary’s stack of FBI files.

  2. Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them and they’ll be distracted. Take away their freedom and still they’ll roar. The beating heart of Rome is not the marble of the senate, it’s the sand of the coliseum.

    Gladiator (2000)
    Derek Jacobi: Gracchus

  3. There’s a lot of comment about the Chief Justice on the floor of the Senate. I think they’re laying the rhetorical groundwork for an impeachment.

    Politically, the only way that works is if the Republicans take the house, and get close enough to 2/3 in the Senate that they only have to peal off one or two Democrats on a charge of “violation of the separation of powers, and, and by the way, they just green-lit the President to make Executive Orders that can’t be reversed without going through the Administrative Procedures Act. Can you think of a president you would not like to use that new power?”

  4. Monday was indeed depressing. It looks like we are on a slip slippery glide path that will turn our world upside down and that there is nothing we can do to stop it.

    And I’m not sure there will be any safe haven in this country. The virus and its leftist SJW cousin have infected the whole country.

    As Solzhenitsyn said it is impossible to make sense of it. I wonder if this is how the white southerners felt during reconstruction and its aftermath.

    We greatly underestimate the pain of social upheaval.

  5. And it seems in the mean time the BATF/American communism keeps marching on.. Wow, can’t even get a little roll back on these tyrants?
    Was running guns to the Mexican cartels that well covered up? Not one arrested official for aiding and abetting of illegal aliens?
    Not even one dirty trick out of our side? (Sorry, We don’t seem to have a side in DC).
    But most important is our own morale. Never pass up a chance to use sarcasm/ridicule on your enemy! Keep the truth foremost in our minds and never give an inch they don’t pay for. They will over step. They do every time.

  6. Joe,
    I have fighting the same war for 50 years. We occasionally win a battle but the media twists it. I agree with the comment above re the CJ. and period.
    Meanwhile, the underground is smoldering and it may take little to flash it.
    It is time that all honest Citizens understand that we own the precipice of the real reason for The Second Amendment.
    Train hard. Be prepared physically, intellectually, emotionally and logistically.
    It will get hot.

    • And if something ever comes of those so-called sealed indictments, maybe I’ll pretend to give a shit.

  7. I know just how you feel… we’ve been brought up to follow the rules, play fair and to expect a level playing field.

    The Cultural Revolution is disregarding almost all of our principles, values and morals. Then even the institutions that we’ve believed in betray us.

    Lately there have been moments where I’ve watched the news, read something or watched a video and wondered, “what the hell is going on?”.

    I traded emails with Matt Bracken and he observed that “None of our current social catastrophe should come as a surprise. And we are just at the beginning.”

    I agreed, but did say that the acceleration of the disintegration of society has been a surprise. We’re literally seeing things that we’re used to debated and tossed around for months or years get taken
    on and purported to be “normal”.

    The FACT that the revolutionaries have success in having people fired from their jobs for simply not being adequately “woke” is showing that we’re at an unprecedented level of insanity.

    Jeff B.

  8. I for one have very little faith in Trump’s ability or desire to nominate a true conservative to the court. NONE of the republican appointments since Thomas are anything more than rino’s. Huge disappointments in their rulings.
    I too am at the “I tried the “right” way. Now we do it the hard way.” point.

  9. As I reflect on the last few weeks, I too am dismayed by the events. I also agree that all this should not come as a surprise – we’ve seen the signs for years. We’ve known about identity politics, the 1619 narrative, SJWs, and Antifa for years. And we know the history of revolutions.

    We’re in this state because our opponents are willing to use force, as Tucker Carlson said tonight, and we cannot even criticize, let alone use force.

    Still, it is difficult to believe that no one in this country is standing up and saying NO with force. In fact, it is even difficult to observe any objections to what is going on.

    Where is the public outrage?

  10. Roberts seem to be channeling his inner Roger Taney. Taney’s political games brought CW1 visibly closer. Roberts is doing the same for CW2. Roberts hasn’t produced anything as awful as the Dred Scott decision, yet. I hope I am wrong about this but when you twist the Constitution and even the dictionary to get an outcome you like you destroy people’s confidence that they can get redress within the system.

  11. I really doubt we can achieve anything through the political process any more.

    The poster who suggested Roberts was being controlled by someone who has pictures of a goat strikes a chord with me.

    We have no privacy. Our secrets are known to someone who can take advantage.
    With our politicians so capable of graft and corruption, you would think that there would be more than one who is voting whatever way the possessor’s Of incriminating photo’s tell you to.
    I really see this ending in bloodshed. Genocide or Civil War is the only real question.

    • And once were done. Where does America stand on the world stage? Somewhere around China and Russia or worse? Do we see dollar hegemony anymore? Or will we subject to hyperinflation? Remember, SORO is a currency trader first and foremost.
      This is very good cover for a world monetary reset.

  12. How is anger measured? There was a lot of anger during the Obama years, but (for the most part) it didn’t manifest itself as civil unrest. It mostly simmered beneath the surface. Or does that anger not count?

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