Quote of the day—Mike

I swear to God, if you’ve never felt the government’s jackboots on your neck, it’s because you’ve never stood up for yourself.

Never give an inch, Joe. Never.

May 20, 2020
[Via email. Mike also informed me:

Looks like things are heating up in Canada with a gun prohibition that covers every ar-15 model they could think of. This will also include 12 gauge shotguns. Why, you ask? Because barrel lengths are important to determine if a firearm is to be considered Non-restricted, Restricted, or Prohibited, according to the law. This new set of regulations prohibits any firearm with a bore diameter of over 20mm, which is 0.787″. As a 12 gauge bore can range from 18.5mm (0.728″) to 20.3mm (0.799″), that can cover a lot of shotguns. Worse, is that if your shotguns have screw-in chokes, those chokes cannot be considered part of the barrel when measuring firearm barrels for importation purposes; and since you must cut the bore to a larger internal diameter to have the threads with which to screw in the threads in the first place, you would be unable to import it; and if you already own such a shotgun, you will then be possession of  a prohibited weapon. Imagine if your 28″ barrelled over/under has now been deemed a machinegun, by government decree.

Writing a law which defines something not a machine into something that now is a machine gun sounds familiar from somewhere

Why aren’t these politicians being tarred and feathered?—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Mike

  1. Trudeau’s folly is becoming a great source of amusement at every page. The ban includes two websites that use AR15 in their names and the Black Rifle Coffee Company. Meanwhile rifles like the Norinco Type 87 and Russian SKS were omitted. It would appear that Trudeau’s is signalling his Marxist upbringing.

  2. Remember, America’s official motto is Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Canada’s motto is Peace, Order and Good Government. Once the Canadians find that the third is gone, force of habit keeps them peaceful, but they can’t be blind to the absence of good government forever.

  3. The other consideration is that the USA has a Constitution, while Canada does not. And while our Constitution is usually ignored and infringed, it does exist and once in a while is the basis for actual recourse against power-mad politicians. In other countries, no such recourse exists because limited government isn’t even a theory, let alone a practice.

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