I suppose this could work


Could Wallowa County join Idaho?

Give the Gem State a seacoast and a border with California?

That could be the outcome if efforts succeed by a group called Move Oregon’s Border in some of the 20 counties where the group has filed requests to collect signatures on petitions.

The deadline to gather signatures in the targeted Oregon counties is early August for them to go before voters in November. Wallowa County Clerk Sandy Lathrop received the petition in April and, after conferring with the county’s legal counsel Lathrop notified MOB President Mike McCarter on Tuesday, May 5, that the group may begin collecting signatures in the county.

Only 242 signatures are needed to get it on the November ballot.

If successful this would amuse me to no end. I could see it catching on and all but the dense urban areas joining an adjoining state with a much greater affinity for freedom. The economic and political implications would be quite interesting.


6 thoughts on “I suppose this could work

  1. It could definitely dilute the effects of liberal voters in Boise, Sun Valley and the like, and preserve conservative values in Idaho for a bit longer.

  2. How many people, and what their distribution is, exactly, might be critical to its success. If the new borders were drawn just right, it could significantly change one or more house seats, or at least their distribution. For example, it’s looking like this census will reduce NY state’s number of reps in the House by one. Who gets to draw the short straw? The current odds-on favorite is AOC to have her seat eliminated (but that might change depending on the incoming indictments).

    (Of course, some days she’s so over the top, such a complete caricature of the loony left, and she causes so much heartburn and infighting between the left and the hard left in the Dem party, that I think she’s got to be one of the best Republican trolls / plants ever. Please, Dems, make her the face of the Dem party!)

    It won’t change the Senate, but the effects on the house, were lines drawn correctly, might be fascinating to watch.

  3. Idaho may not have a sea coast at present, but it does have a sea port in Lewiston.

    Anyway, this reminds me of the proposals, many years ago, to create a new state called Columbia, which would consist of preset Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Western Montana. Obviously it went nowhere.

    Later, a Moscow resident, Diamond Jeffery Western (the would-be governor) was part of a group that wanted North Idaho to become a separate state from South Idaho. It made sense, being that North Idaho is in a similar situation to Eastern Washington; our taxes go to the other end of the state and tend to stay there. Similar movements have cropped up in the west with enough regularity that it seems there’s always been at least one in the works.

    Regardless; it’s hard to pretend that a single, low population (low electoral votes) state could make a significant difference against global powers and collusions, and their systematic colonization of our own country, when they aren’t even being generally recognized. A simple analogy would be that of playing tiddlywinks in the stands during the Super Bowl, unaware of anything known as “football” or the NFL, or how or why the stadium was built, but focused only on tiddlywinks.

    It does show the possibility of merit however, in regard to the instruction;
    “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.”
    But if that were the reason for reforming a state, we’d first need to know what it means.

  4. What makes anyone think we want any part of Oregon? Fix your own problems without involving us. In fact we’ll send some of your invaders back to you. Anybody who is short some from California, we can send you some of those also, every one who calls in the next 15 min will get their order doubled.

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