Email from a firearms instructor in Canada

I intended to post this several weeks ago but I forgot about until I got another email today:

I’d like to say that I feel your work in regards to firearms rights and the Boomer shoot in particular is right on the money. As an instructor for the firearms courses, I love introducing people to firearms, and watching them overcoming the unknown, and for some, scary thing that firearms have been demonized to be. But I cannot stress enough how hard you must fight to keep your rights, because you have a dragon by the tail. Any slip of your grip on the beast is another inch towards destruction.

If I could borrow some of your time, I’d like to tell you of another experience of mine that will underline how things will go for America if truly well-meaning, but historically and factually ignorant people, are suckered into voting against their own interests.

In 2017, there was a hold and secure at my son’s school…

It was not supposed to be discussed, but the rumour making the rounds, supposedly from an officer who spoke before being told to shut up, was that someone wrote a letter to the school saying that they were going to come and shoot the place up. The school took it seriously, which is at least something to their credit, but that’s about all the credit I’m willing to extend to them.

Of course, everyone had to scramble to find alternate care for the kiddies and so on, and 2 weeks later there was a meeting called for the parents to come in and get an update on the case and an explanation of what was done by the school and police, and when.

The meeting was presented by the principal, a couple of staff who have some kind of paper-shuffling jobs with the word “safety” in the title, the detective assigned to the case and 3 officers, one of whom teaches the teachers and staff what to do in an emergency, as resources for the parents to direct their questions to.

Joe, I swear to God, in a nearly 2 hour meeting with at least 150 ‘adults’ concerned for their kid’s safety, not a single adult question was asked. Most of the questions by the ‘adults’ centred along the lines of being not being tweeted IMMEDIATELY after any action of the police was completed. Seriously! They wanted to be tweeted after each classroom/broom closet/office was searched for gun-toting nut-bars. This was the important thing to them, not their teacher’s ability to keep their kids safe.

Towards the end of the meeting, I managed to get the microphone and I said that I understand that the detective couldn’t reveal what was actually in the letter, but since the rumour was a potential school shooting, I said that I wanted a meeting with the officer responsible for teaching what the teachers/staff should do in such a situation, so that I could judge if it was an actual solution, or just security theatre, like at the airport.

The officer said that uh, yeah, sure, he would be glad to set up a meeting to explain what is taught, so we had a better understanding of things. At that point, as the mic was passed to others for their ‘questions’, the officer caught my eye and signalled to me that we should talk in the hall after the meeting.

At the end, I went up and introduced myself to the officer, and he asked me to chat with him in the hallway with the other two officers, so I knew what was coming. So the conversation went like this:

Officer: Sir, I’ve asked you out into the hall here to…

Me, holding up hand: You want to avoid having me scare the sheep, is that it?

Officer (relieved): Yeah.

Me: Look, all I want to know is if you have some kind of training that the teachers can use to save our kids if there actually is a shooting. Do you tell them to barricade the door, throw stuff, how to make a fist and punch, weapons training, anything?

Officer: Well, what you’re talking about is called ‘Force on Force’, and is part of my powerpoint presentation for York school board (the school board outside of the Toronto District School Board, which controls my son’s school), but I can’t teach that portion in the T.D.S.B.


Me: Uh, ok, and how do we get THAT ball rolling?!

Officer (looking me straight in the eye): Well sir, there would need to be a Sandy Hook level event for that conversation to start.

Me, processing my disbelief: So, you’re telling me that not only must children die, but they must die in high enough numbers to force a discussion on whether the school board can think about training teachers to save our kids’ lives?!

Officer: Yup.

That, Joe, is where hatred, fear, and ignorance of firearms leads people. People so captured by anti-gun ideology that they would rather let our kids die than act as adults and face the hard truth that violence must sometimes be used to save the innocent from the criminal.

When will this hippy-dippy, hug-a-thug nightmare end? Perhaps this virus situation will shake things up, because I’ve had an incredible upswing in people interested in courses, suddenly. Which I am not allowed to teach. :p

If you’ve read this far, my sincere thanks for your time. I just needed to get this off my chest, and send a warning to our brothers and sisters south of the border, not to give an inch, because there’s always another control freak ready to screw you over (for your own good, of course!)…


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  1. “When will this hippy-dippy, hug-a-thug nightmare end?

    Easy; never.

    I can read it between the lines of your friend’s letter, and I can see it practically everywhere in “conservative” and even “libertarian” writing; we STILL HAVE NOT GRASPED the true nature of the tactical landscape.

    So-called “gun control” laws (anti human rights laws) are not, and have never been, about crime mitigation or safety in general.

    To say, then, that such laws are the result of “well-meaning but historically ignorant” people, is to miss the mark entirely. It is no different, whatsoever, from saying a bank robber, home invader or car jacker is “well-meaning but ignorant” as far as making a living or entertaining himself.

    And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why it will never change, but instead will continue to get worse, and worse, world-wide, until major calamity strikes the earth.

    The evidence of this lack of perception is even in the deepest recesses of the prepper movement, which sees the calamity coming but still refuses to see the causes of it. The language of the COVID Scandal is rife with such lack of perception, in that it all pre-supposes a need for central planning and then proceeds from that supposition.

    No, People!; The very notion of a Central Planning Authority is the problem itself, not some aspect or character of it such as “well-meaning ignorance”, etc. It is a criminal enterprise, and as such is “hugging thugs” all along the way.

    And yet, all that gets discussed is what “We” should do, as if this all-powerful “Mister We” is rightly in charge of literally everything and simply needs to make the right decision for us, at the expense of our God-given right AND RESPONSIBILITY to make our own decisions.

    “What do we want?!”
    “Who’s gonna give it to us?!”
    What don’t we understand?!”

    And by the way; the concept of “well-meaning yet ignorant” law makers is an oxymoron, for the truly well-meaning will, on their own and without any prompting whatsoever, educate themselves on the matter at hand, and thus come to the understanding that liberty is the only insurance for the well-being of society that we ever had or will ever have.

    Only the criminal mind can see it otherwise.

    And next you’ll say; “Surely there are people who actually believe in their Central Planning system. And of course this is so. The criminal mind has brainwashed them. It is still the criminal mind at work.

  2. People captured by anti gun ideology? The anti gun left WANTS dead children. School shootings and dead children is exactly what democrats want and the higher body count the better. The left does not view human life as having any intrinsic value or any value except as an extrinsic value of what they can provide an offer for the state in there never ending thirst for power and authority. Children have no value to the left; the only value the left has of children is there future votes but there violent deaths are MUCH more valuable to them. There blood is used as oil in the gears of the anti-gun industrial machine.

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