Quote of the day—Justice Lloyd Karmeier

The majority’s decision resolves this appeal based on an issue no one has raised, decides the issue through misapplication of principles we have no reason to discuss, and remands the case to the circuit court for entry of an order that is clearly meritless and serves no purpose. Neither the parties nor the interests of justice will be served by this unexpected and pointless exercise.

Justice Lloyd Karmeier
April 2, 2020
[I’ve blog about this case before.

This case began almost three years ago when a rifle was found in Brown’s home and she did not possess, and had not applied for, a Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID). The majority in this decision are extremely reluctant to declare the licensing of a specific enumerated right unconstitutional and have sent it back to the lower court.

Contrary to the minority decision quote above it does serve a purpose. It preserves an illegal requirement imposed by the state for several months perhaps even a year or more. It causes the wronged parties, gun rights organizations as well as the innocent victim Brown, to expend more resources getting this illegal law partially overturned. It blocks the further liberation of gun owners suffering under oppressive laws in Illinois should the FOID requirement fall. This, I believe, was the real purpose behind the decision by the majority.—Joe]


One thought on “Quote of the day—Justice Lloyd Karmeier

  1. No one authorized you to declare a legal impossibility unconstitutional! Who do you think you are?
    “In every generation their are those that intend to rule well. But first and foremost they intend to rule.” Was certainly exemplified in this case.
    And never was it discussed that the whole law was unconstitutional on it’s face. Amazing! And no a mention of the “notwithstanding” clause that all government employees are bound by? Especially judges? Did Dave Kopel weigh in on this one? If not he sure missed an easy one!

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