Social distancing

The title claims “Ultimate in Old School Social Distancing”. While carrying a rifle down the sidewalk with an extended bayonet would grant you greater social distancing for a few minutes I expect the distance would be considerably shortened by the end of your walk as the police stopped by to have a chat with you.

Also, I expect an experienced Boomershooter could maintain something much closer to “ultimate” distancing than someone using a bayonet to keep the distance.


8 thoughts on “Social distancing

  1. Are you going to have Boomershoot this year? I referred a reporter to you in the past year. She was writing something about a Libertarian rumor and needed a reliable person to talk to and I thought “Joe Huffman!” Did she ever contact you?

  2. 400? That’s the starting distance! With good equipment and Gene’s crew providing some basic training anyone can park rounds at 400. Take that puppy to 900 with 600 minimum being a reliable “cold bore” range for most Boomershooters.

    You’d cover a lot of ground. A lot. Remember, we’re hunting 7 inch boxes at those ranges, not man-sized targets. Don’t need sub-MOA to maintain proper social distancing when you can dominate a square kilometer.

    Nothing says “Stay away!” than my Tikka in 6.5CM and the crosshairs on target.

  3. No toilet paper/ showering for a month might work also.( For those that don’t have bayonets.)

  4. Boomershoot social distancing, putting down the 233 and picking up the 6.5 CM.

    • .223 is for field fire. 6.5CM is for getting down to business. Or .300WinMag or .338 Lapua or the venerable .308.

      I put down the .308 in 2018 and used 6.5CM. The poor .308 never came out of the case.

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