Boomershoot 2020 is canceled

At 2:45 AM this morning I sent a version of this email to all entries and the spectator and announcement list for Boomershoot:

Boomershoot 2020 is five weeks away and COVID-19 infections are still increasing across the country. I’ve had several people tell me they are not coming this year. Many states, including Idaho, have travel and social contact restrictions.

I’m canceling Boomershoot 2020.

I’m sorry to do this but both the legal and moral issues don’t give me any other options.


Joe Huffman
Boomershoot Event Director
Cell: 208-301-4254

There has been a Boomershoot every year since 1998. It makes me sad to know that continuous record will be broken. I considered rescheduling for this fall but the end of fire season and the beginning of mud season is too unpredictable.


12 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2020 is canceled

  1. That is sad news. I’ve got a new 6br that I was looking to break in on the line. Well, I look forward to helping out with next year! Maybe I’ll take that PTO to search for a 1000 or 1200 yard range in the woods somewhere instead.

    I hope that everybody stays safe and healthy!

      • Hmmm… you pay for the equivalent of a private fireball up front, then between April 15 and May 2nd, somehow you show video proof of a legit 400 yard hit on a 4″ target, or a 200 yard hit on a 2″ target, and on May 3rd, Joe and team set off a private fireball with your name on the front 6″ reactive target and post to the blog?

        • Schedule some time to on-line, video chat what ever at 18:00 GMT and shoot what you can.

          TEAM meeting with a bang.

          I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express and have no idea if it is feasible to do.

  2. Mean while back East in what is know as Hampton Roads, both the private ranges that I belong to have been shut down.

    Under orders issued by the Governor of Virginia, NCRR must close down, meaning no one may use the Indoor or Outdoor Ranges. The order went into effect at 11:59 tonight, March 24th and will remain in place until 11:59 pm on Thursday, April 23rd.

    So I can’t go to work and now I cant go to range. Not happy, now I have to clean out the garage.

    • Which meant getting my zeroes checked before leaving for Boomershoot would have been impossible for me in northern Virginia.

      I’m all in for ’21.

  3. Any sense of which dates in 2021? April 30-May 2 or May 7-9? It may seem odd to be asking but I book the time off from my work a year in advance due to the time the event takes. Booking earlier than later really helps in time off planning.

    A May 7-9 date opens up some great options for me personally with regard to National Parks. Notably Yellowstone which I do on my way back. A week’s difference opens up roads in many parks and campgrounds along the way.

    Regardless, looking forward to it again even if delayed.

    • Barb picked a date based on the NRA convention, Mother’s Day, and some other criteria. I forget which date that was. I’ll have to check with her and get back to you.

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