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Some gun owners hoped that because H.R. 5717 was filed by House Fruitcake, Democrat Hank Johnson of Georgia, that it wouldn’t go anywhere.   Why is he a fruitcake?  Well, there are dozen of examples, but our favorite is when Johnson said that he was worried that the island of Guam would capsize and tip over if 8,000 Marines were stationed there.

2nd Amendment Daily News
March 2020
Elizabeth Warren Throws Her Weight Behind Gun Control Mega Bill, Files Companion In Senate
[Just because someone is a “fruitcake” doesn’t mean they are harmless or can’t find and persuade others to assist them in doing evil. There are far too many examples I could give from political history as well as personal experience for me to ever suggest otherwise.—Joe]


3 thoughts on “Quote of the day—2nd Amendment Daily News

  1. This needs to be shut down hard. Contacting my elected representatives today.

  2. He made the Guam comment so that he could plead insanity at his trial. Was AOC a cosponsor of this madness? It’s like we have a Commivid virus running lose in this country long before Covid-19.

  3. This is just more of the same first-class attitudes that permeates our culture. It was not that long ago that ranchers and farmers would post signs ‘trespassers will be shot’. Likewise, if someone got shot while committing a crime it was their fault.

    Now we’re not even arresting someone for ‘low-level’ property crime because it is not fair. And to add insult to injury property owners are not allowed to defend themselves and their property because that too would not be fair.

    So this bill fits right in. It’s just more of the same notion of ‘fairness’ and the right to a first-class life.

    Of course, it is not fair to those of us who pay the bills and are responsible citizens that obey the laws, but that’s OK because we are the privileged and do not deserve our first-class life.

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