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I’m not sure I would say they are shocking to the people I hang out with most of the time. It’s more like, “Yeah, that’s what we have suspected for a long time.”

Thanks for the confirmation that I need to spend some more time at the range.—Joe]


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  1. Just think of what a normalcy bias will get the average Joe or Jane that doesn’t understand what these people are thinking, saying and capable of…

    Who will be our Pinochet?

  2. I know you do a bunch of reloading and a bunch of competition. About how much time do you spend at the range per week/month? How many rounds do you go through per week?

    I went to the range yesterday, did my normal amount of rounds, then realized that I was in and out of the range in a short period of time compared to the others blazing away.


    • Sorry for the long delay in answering. I still need to respond to your email too. Very busy at work. I’ve been working a minimum of 10 hours a day every day of the week, for the last two weeks. More in a blog post later…

      To answer your question: I usually, but not since the first of the year, go to range at lunch time for about 45 minutes about three times a week. I shoot a minimum of 200 rounds each time.

  3. Joe certainly has the right idea about what to do in the mean time! Waiting for the glorious time that communist converged utopia will bring is kind of boring!

  4. To ever be surprised at the depths of depravity to which leftists and other Romish forces can stoop is to be willfully and stubbornly ignorant. If the last 150 years of evidence, even in our own U.S.A., wasn’t enough for you, and if the Dark Ages in Europe weren’t enough to convince you, nothing will ever be enough. It means that once you’re up against the wall you’ll possibly realize it then (or you may still very well be in denial – it’s happened before), but at that point, either way, it’ll be too late.

    As the loyal and dedicated True Believer in the leftist Cause is dragged to the firing line, he’s confused, and he pleads with the unit leader;

    “Call comrade so-and-so; he’ll tell you! I’ve been a faithful Servant of The Revolution this whole time! I fought at Baltimore, I was instrumental in…”


    Even those within the movement fail to understand that the whole thing is a lie designed to bring them into destruction. All the evidence is there to see, but one must open his eyes and look at it. That requires a decision to look, and then it requires the act of looking.

    • It seems that depravity is irresistible for those in power unless limited somehow.

      “We prohibit under anathema that murderous art of crossbowmen and archers, which is hateful to God, to be employed against Christians and Catholics from now on.”

      Second Council of the Lateran in 1139
      Papal Encyclicals Online

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