Quote of the day—Chris Hill

Virginia is the state that is testing this unlawful, unconstitutional, Second Amendment gun grab. If this is where it begins, then this is where it will end.

Chris Hill
Founder of Three Percent Security Force
January 2010
Prospect of gun control in Virginia draws threats, promise of armed protest
[We live in interesting times.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chris Hill

  1. Do we need encouragement or reproof? Or is the encouragement we truly need to be found within reproof?

    All states, and the federal government, have had illegal, unconstitutional, anti-second amendment and other anti-constitutional laws for generations, so this is hardly any kind of “beginning”. To use the same semi-logic then; if it is hardly a beginning then it can hardly be the end.

    Whenever we compromise that which is right, we ask for worse and we will get worse. The first compromise is the beginning,. It’s usually so small that no one takes much if any notice, yet in fact it is the point of failure. The breaching of the dam. Our grandfathers and great grandfathers did the compromising in this case, and we were born and bred into it, but just as likely we’d have done it too.

    Today we would welcome the status our grandfathers put themselves in after those first compromises, considering it a vast improvement over the present, and so, even in that compromised state, we, or our grandchildren, would slip right back to where we are now; on the cusp of a war or another level of surrender.

    This is the operative rule of our time; that It’s just a matter of time, once you’ve allowed the enemy into camp, before he’s running your institutions, claiming authority over you and your children, and insinuating ownership of your property.

    And can we really blame the enemy, being as we’ve tolerated him for so long he doesn’t remember a time when he felt in danger of expulsion from our midst? At this moment he cannot even imagine being in any danger of expulsion. The very thought of it is laughable.

    Once we’ve allowed the enemy of liberty to grow fat and loud and proud, living off of our substance, inviting his friends and relatives over and making them fat and loud and proud as well, it hardly makes any sense to act all indignant about it now, wishing for some different level of compromise so we can feel, in slimming down the enemy in our camp thus making him more acceptable, that we’ve accomplished something great and noble.

    Myriad examples of this clear and certain path to failure, and the antidote thereto, are to be found in both the Old and New Testaments, but who bothers with any of THAT anymore?

  2. The 3%ers have done exactly nothing every time they’ve showed up. Larpers then, probably larpers now.

    They are the chest thumpers on “our” side.

    • That’s because 2% of them are government snitches and plants! Go read about the Malheur operation. So many government operators that it cost the government it’s own case!

      • I’m curios, was there ever an exact number of people at the refuge? I seem to recall the press using the number of ‘about 50’. Yet, the gov’t only brought up about a dozen on charges. I don’t remember there ever being an official tally of those taken into custody.

        Basic math, but it would seem that 4 in 5 participants were government agents would make for a very tough case for prosecutors.

        • I remember Mike Vanderboegh commenting that the Malheur ‘occupation’ was a stupid idea (although honestly, if you’re going to let lefties occupy areas, there’s no reason you can’t let us do the same).

          But there was all SORTS of weirdness around Malheur. A Portland jury acquitted the Malheur occupiers on all counts, whereupon the judge had them remanded to Nevada to stand trial again, and when the defense lawyer balked he promptly got tased.

          Then the Nevada judge tossed all the charges out as well and rebuked the feds for even bringing the case.

          • Close to half the people there were on government payroll.
            It’s ironic that they can shoot someone in the back for camping in a closed refuge. But the 9th circuit sez your allowed to camp anywhere now.
            We’ll take the junkies and the thieves. But we don’t want the cowboys!

      • It was said in the sixties that in any protest group the ones proposing violent action were government informants. I doubt that the absence of Hoover has changed anything in the intervening fifty years.

        • The FBI still has the name “J. Edgar Hoover” on its headquarters. That should tell us a lot about the merits and integrity of that organization. Recent work by Mueller and Horowitz has only served to confirm that judgment.

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