Quote of the day—lana_palooza @lana_palooza29

1.5 less MAGAbilly’s in the world. At least they died supporting their beloved 2nd Amendment.

lana_palooza @lana_palooza29
Tweeted on January 3, 2020
[This was her reaction to a father and his nine year old daughter who were hunting and were killed by another hunter.

lana_palooza’s Twitter account appears to have been deleted or at least deactivated at this time. You can still find the screen shot of the tweet at the link above.

This is what they think of you.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—lana_palooza @lana_palooza29

  1. The left never gets it. Consequences that is.
    Sad for that family. Someone needs to get hung. No excuse for not knowing your target. And backstop.

  2. It looks like the author of that nasty opinion has been doxxed in that thread, too.

    Pretty awful all around. I’m wondering when the first murder-after-a-twitter-$h*&-post
    will occur, if it hasn’t already.

  3. Obviously Lana you’re clueless and heartless!! What if the father supported Trump! It’s his right!! So liberal dumbocrat shove it where the sun don’t shine!! On a second thought, the sun probably shines there on you!!

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