2 thoughts on “Quote of the day—AuricTech

  1. But the NPC base got its emotional hit. Which was all that was for anyway.
    Orange man badder! Orange man wronger! Must destroy orange man!
    Methinks we’ve been in “Bagdad Bob” territory that started with the Wilson administration.
    Break a few eggs for an omelet, anyone?

  2. I look at fact-checkers as a combo of schoolmarm and “Ackchyually”: self-righteous dorks who look down and lecture at you while not ‘getting it’.
    We all know that someone who just has to have the final word, who can’t take something at face value, or can’t read the mood and just keep their nose out of it. They are annoying, aggravating, and many times missing the point. They also often come off as stupid despite their ‘credentialed’ opinion.

    tl;dr- if a phrase is “fact checked”, it is probably wrong.

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