Quote of the day—Carl Bussjaeger

I would like Swalwell, Biden, O’Rourke, and Harris to note that what US gun owners consider play time is what a major news outlet can mistake for a major military offensive by the Forces of a NATO nation. Tell us again how resisting a tyrannical government is futile.

Carl Bussjaeger
October 14, 2019
Overwhelming Military Force
[This was in regards to what I posted about yesterday: Layers of fact checkers.—Joe]


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  1. The US military used about 42 billion rounds of ammo of all types over the roughly four years of WW II. That’s a bit more than 10 billion rounds a year. The USA civilian market for hunting, sport shooting, plinking, practice, self defense, and other uses manufactures about 12 billion rounds a year. For fun. And that doesn’t include all the shooters who roll their own via reloading, which supports a number of thriving businesses to sell them components and supplies.Millions of new guns are sold every year, in a market that already has more than one gun for every man, woman,child, and parakeet in the country.

    They truly live, blindly, in a different world than we do.

    • On top of new manufacture, let’s not forget the ample quantities of fine quality surplus that was available for many years at great pricing. If you duplicate the few thousand rounds of NATO milsurp I have in inventory across thousands of other gun owners and/or preppers, there’s millions of rounds of surplus Australian, Austrian, South African and Indian ammo squirreled away in garages and basements.

      • Don’t forget the Swiss. That peaceful, friendly country of chocolate, cheese, trains, skiing, and, according to Orson Wells, cuckoo clocks.
        Who’s the quote from? “They are the most armed and the most free.”

      • Don’t forget all the .30-’06 ammo out there, and the Garands and M14s and BARs to shoot it…

    • You are right. We have sufficient firearms that we can even arm our pets! So, whenever some kook Leftist thinks we cannot fight and win against our government if it goes all despotic, they are deranged.

  2. Tell me again why Afangantisan has not been won. It’s almost twenty years since we went in and a ragtag group of tribesmen are still holding out against our professional army.

    Swalwell, Biden, O’Rourke, et al., don’t really seem to understand how what they are proposing will work. Asymmetrical warfare is a bitch. Voluntary compliance is not going to work.

    Of course, maybe they do understand and just want to go to war with us. After all, they want us dead no matter the cost.

    • “Tell me again why Afangantisan has not been won.”

      Because we have neither the will nor the stomach for the Roman or even biblical means of ensuring a lasting victory.

      The last time we got close to it was the planned invasion of the home islands of Japan.

      They were going to fight to the literal last man, woman, and child.

      Making true, the statement of Admiral Halsey at Perl Harbor “Before we’re through with them, the Japanese language will be spoken only in hell.”

      • Agreed. That has been true down through history, but not so much by us at least in this era.

      • I think there’s something in there…

        The phrasing of a congressional declaration of war should include the phrase, “… secure the total submission of the enemy and all that support them…”, or don’t bother.

        If that means destroy them utterly, OK.

        If the enemy is willing to surrender and teach their children that they fucked up in engaging in their course of action, better.

        Otherwise, don’t waste the blood and treasure. Never do your enemy a small injury. I am dis-enamored with the idea of nation building before unconditional surrender.

      • Agreed to all that was said! But, Have you ever wondered why we have these long, protracted, wars in the finest opium growing regions of the world?
        Could be the exact same reason we have an “opioid crisis” in America? That no one in government is really trying to stop?
        Maybe evil is a little worse than we thought?

        • Just remember how many politicians and other “civil servants” derive a nice chunk of income from the existence of that illegal trade.

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