Layers of fact checkers

When you catch them in lies (or even errors) this big the correct conclusion to draw is that nothing they say can be trusted:

ABC News ‘slaughter in Syria’ footage appears to come from a Kentucky gun range

ABC aired supposedly shocking footage Monday and Sunday purporting to be from the frontline battle between the Syrian Kurds and the invading Turks. The only problem is: The footage appears to come from a nighttime machine gun demonstration at the Knob Creek Gun Range in West Point, Kentucky.

As J.D. Rucker said:

If @ABC News made a mistake, then their incompetence is startling. If they did it on purpose (and with the edits to the video, that seems to be the case), then they’re an outright evil group of bald-faced liars pretending to report the news.

This reminds me of what WSBTV did with a video of daughter Kim shooting a Boomershoot fireball target a number of years back.


14 thoughts on “Layers of fact checkers

  1. You would think all the people with the cellphones taking video would have given them a hint. Maybe the display booth tents. Lol

    The bombs were gas cans being lit off by tracers. I have seen the whole video it is neat. The scary part for the liars / Press should be they are all civilian arms at the shoot no gov. arms there. Private’s machine guns if it is the shoot I believe it is.

    • I’m certain they “had a hint”. They just didn’t think they would get caught. They do the fake new thing so often it just doesn’t occur to them they are doing anything wrong or anything of consequence will result from their fraud.

      Yup. Knob Creek. I want to attend some day. My youngest daughter lives in Kentucky now so I could sort of, kind of, say I was visiting her (even though it is an hour and 45 minute drive). My nice is moving to Kentucky and will be just 40 minutes away. Maybe my brother and I should visit our daughters on just the right weekend next year…

  2. For some reason this reminds me of the start of “The Running Man.”

    Use whatever footage you have fit the narrative, truth of matters be damned.

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  4. We find it quite funny here in So. KY. Many post I survived the Turkish Invasion on Facebook.

    I believe Kentucky folks would back the Kurds. Hill folk stick together.

    I was impressed of the dramatic reading by the talking head. It seems to be the norm for the anchor to emote instead of just reading the news these days.

    • It’s much harder to gaslight people if you read stories in a deadpan way. They are programming people to react without thinking, to feel rather than understand.

  5. We could spend the rest of our lives calaloging the frauds perpetrated by American “news” media alone.

    I decided circa 1993 that the “big media” were frauds, all of them;
    We could go back to the fraudulent reporting of the “Tet Offensive” circa 1968 for more conclusive proof, and yet farther back for yet more. It comes down to the amount of proof you, personally, require; just look and you’ll find that much, and more besides.

    They’re total frauds. It is their job to perpetrate fraud all day, every day. Their job is to deny and obfuscate truth, for otherwise they’d be of no use. If they reported the truth, if they faithfully strove to represent reality, they’d serve no purpose for Babylon, but would thus become a problem in need of a solution.

    In other game changing news; rattlesnakes are venomous, fire burns, and water wets.

    I think maybe a problem that many people who are now in their fifties, and older, have is that when they were kids they believed there was generally honest reporting. Therefore they now believe that there’s been a decline in the morality of the people in media.

    Nothing could be more wrong than that assumption. They’ve been corrupt all of our lives and much longer. What’s happening is that some people are just starting to realize it, but still can’t shake off their incredulity. In fact all that’s changed is the ability of those in media to sufficiently contain the truth.

    Back in the monopoly heyday of media, when there were only three broadcast networks (plus state-run PBS), and their allies owned the big newspapers, they had near total control of information on the national level, and so we tend, even now, to believe what we were told back then. That belief is the result of a huge mistake in perception. All that’s changed from then to now is that communication technology has made containing the truth more difficult.

    Again (and forever?) it must be pointed out that small lies require the utmost in secrecy, whereas the biggest of lies are protected by our own incredulity.

  6. The traditional media use fact checks for the same reasons that hockey players use body checks: to disrupt their opponents and advance their own game plan.

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