Quote of the day—San Francisco Board of Supervisors

RESOLVED, That the City and County of San Francisco intends to declare the National Rifle Association a domestic terrorist organization.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors
September 3, 2019

[See also here and here.

Did it every occur to these people that if gun owners are going to be treated like terrorists some of them might decide it’s time to act like terrorists? Probably. That could even be the prime objective.

That the Board of Supervisors, unanimously, voted to declare the nations oldest civil right organization a “domestic terrorist organization” tells us a lot more about the Board of Supervisors than it does the NRA and its members.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—San Francisco Board of Supervisors

    • …which also serves to remind us that background checks are the precursor of confiscation.

  1. Every day reveals multiple new outrages that the Democrats support and is little different from Hillary saying that half the country are deplorables. This is just one more step towards CWII.

    PS. I’m not optimistic and I’m not much of a joiner, but I have just joined the NRA.

  2. I hereby protest the use of any Federal monies – to which this NRA terrorist contributes a substantial amount each year – for the support of any program, infrastructure, or activity within the city limits of Frisco. Why should I be forced to contribute to the support of an organization that wants me dead?

    Can’t wait for Full Rip 9.0 to slide that whole infested region into the Pacific. The only unfortunate thing would be the environmental impact of all that slime hitting the ocean.

  3. So does that mean the City of San Fran can arrest or detain NRA members inside the city limits? Can they send them to their gulag called Oakland?

  4. This seems at odds for a city that offers sanctuary to all criminals, regardless of sex, race, political affiliation, or previous felonious behavior.

    I live 50 miles south of that shithole and will not set foot anywhere near since the Kate Steinle affair.
    A jury of Kate’s peers found her murderer innocent.

    If that’s the kind of city and system of justice those jury members wish to live in-cool, I hope that works out for them.

  5. Welcome to the Progressive New World Order, which is the Old World order of the Dark Ages reasserting itself.

    And yes; they’d like nothing more than for us to vindicate them by becoming what they’ve been accusing us of being all along. In fact, they’re becoming so frustrated and impatient, over the fact that we haven’t yet vindicated them with violence, that they’ve had to do it themselves. So it is that the majority of the race troubles and acts of real violence have been fomented and perpetrated by Democrats or other forms of leftists, and then blamed on us.

    This is also the reason why, when you have a conversation with a leftist about anything important, they’ll invariably accuse you of victimizing them, even if it’s with your tone of voice or the fact that you’re tall, or male, etc.

    The leftist, Marxist, Romish perpetrators, must view themselves as the victims in any exchange with us. Their feelings of victimization are how they justify their hate, and their hate is how they justify their lust for power.

    The more emotionally sensitive they become then, the more justified they become. Simply look at some of them in the wrong way now, or wear a MAGA hat, etc., and to them it’s as though you’ve beat them up, raped, and threatened to murder them. Thus you are now a terrorist by the simple fact that you exist.

    They’ve whipped themselves up into an emotional frenzy over it, and their emotion proves them right. Having been conditioned to believe that their emotions are what make them human, their emotional frenzy is their virtue, strength and source of pride and vindication.

    And remember this; they would like nothing better than for you to actually get violent with them, thus fulfilling their Great Hope, and longing. That’s when you lose and they win, and their efforts are satisfied.

    So when anyone on the “right” tries to “warn” them of the horrific trouble they’re stirring up, they’re only going to get more excited, in anticipation of the fulfillment of their dreams.

    Understand this; you can’t possibly warn the left of the consequences of their words and deeds. Their brains aren’t working in that sort of way at all. First; they want a blood bath, even if it’s their blood (they also believe humans, by merely existing, are killing the planet, remember?). Second; they’ll take any warning as a threat, which they love because threats validate their hate. Warnings of dire consequences will only excite and encourage them to more evil.

  6. Communist got to Commie. We knew that going in. We should start lobbying the gun manufactures to boycott San Francisco. Just like Barrett firearms did.
    Not even a Smith & Wesson board member could miss this.
    P.S. The NRA HAS been terrorizing our rights. They have been party to every major piece of gun control to come out of D.C. for the last 50yrs.. Hell. they were in on the. “National firearms act”, that got suppressors banned in 1934!
    They didn’t jump on to “Heller” till 3 weeks before oral arguments. GOA did all the real work.
    Trump and the NRA are as much your friend as the San Francisco communist “committee”.

  7. Well, I always thought these kinds of “declarations” were reciprocal. So if a San Francisco city/county official is captured by me in my territory, they should not expect the protections of the Geneva Convention.

    How serious am I? No one will know until I capture my first one….

  8. Seriously, what’s going to happen if a SFO resident and member of the NRA walks into city hall and says “I’m a member of a designated terrorist organization, I’m here to turn myself in.”?

    • The resident is put in a mental institution. Everyone knows that any sane NRA member would have moved out of the area years ago.

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