Quote of the day—Dean Engemoen (@deanengemoen)

Go fuck yourself, shithead. The only violence I am interested in is taking care of every right-wing shithead who thinks that AR-15’s are appropriate in a decent society.

Dean Engemoen (@deanengemoen)
Tweeted on September 4, 2019
[Ahhhh… yes. The voice of tolerance in a decent society.

What would the death count if he got his way? 50 Million? 100 million?

Well, that certainly convinces me to give up all my guns.—Joe]


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  1. What is the mental state of someone who proposes violence against armed innocents? His version of a decent society makes me want to buy more weapons. Way to go, Dean!

  2. Potty mouth!

    My kids would have gotten what we (wife & I) referred to as a “treatment” meaning a quick rinse with the soap dispensing soap wand.

    I can get as profane as the next guy, but prefer to at least start out in a civil manner.

    My PISSANT detector is going off…


    Jeff B.

  3. He’d like a society with no firearms, therefore no “gun” deaths. Such an ignoramus of history! We had such a society a mere 600 years ago, well documented, too. He can take his position with the rest of us peasants and fume at the roughshod way our “betters” run over us taking what they believe to be their due. He won’t have the whip hand in such a society, and the sooner he recognizes that, the sooner he’ll stop with the fantasies about doing violence to other people who have never as much as insulted him until he started threatening violence to them.
    With a gun, you have to convince us, not force us. Isn’t that the point of that essay by Marko Kloos called “The gun is civilization”?

  4. A self answering statement. I’ll be keeping my AR mostly because of left wing dickheads who want me dead because I disagree with them.

  5. “At least this one has the chutzpah to let everyone know his position and what his desired action is.”

    Agreed. This kind of leftist is OK. They’ve declared themselves, utterly embarrassed themselves, and so we all know where we stand. It’s the leftists who pretend to be nice, or worse yet, reasonable, or worst of all, on your side, that you really need to be watching. They’ll come at you sideways, or from behind, when you least expect it, and in ways you never anticipated.

  6. Let’s unpack this a little bit. If we were in a decent society; let’s say, one in which there were no violent crime, then the AR, or any tool of defense, may very well be unnecessary. But then if everyone were non-violent and responsible, it would be perfectly OK to have lots and lots of ARs, AKs, et al, everywhere. Everyone could go about armed at all times and no harm could come of it.

    But instead, we don’t live in a totally decent society, and so there are violent criminals, including those who wish to use government as a tool of widespread and unbridled coercion. In this case there are two kinds of people; those who are law-abiding, which is to say, peaceable and respectful of the rights of others, and those who aren’t.

    Make good fighting weapons illegal, and really crack down on the owners, and the worst of the violent will benefit the most, because their intended victims, those who obeyed the law voluntarily, or those who were physically coerced into to obeying it, can no longer fight back effectively. This is the purpose of all personal weapons restrictions ever; to disarm the decent, so the indecent can lord over them and eat out their substance.

    But all of that, even, is part of a false dichotomy. It’s an extremely compelling one, to be sure, and so much the better to distract from the greater controversy, which is between good and evil, or in the Biblical sense, between satan, the proud one who chooses to see himself as the mighty victim (“The Wronged One”)(sound familiar?), and Christ, the compassionate one, who actually holds the power, yet would give His perfect life to redeem the flawed, deceived, corrupted and even destroyed lives of others.

    • Defanging all the carnivores you find in the pasture at 9:00 am is not going to cut down on sheep deaths.
      But that was never the intent.

  7. In a decent society, the AR-15 platform would be mostly sufficient for the type of social work that requires more than a handgun. As such, it would be appropriate.

    In the face of the society that those of Dean’s ilk seek to create, the AR-15 platform likely will not suffice. Continued liberty may well require more energetic options.

    At any rate, an armed free citizenry is the greatest obstacle to Dean’s vision, which is why such a citizenry must continue to exist.

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