Quote of the day—Harvey

If Trump were to have a socialized medicine plan, it would cover treatment for whatever disease it is that causes liberals to consider socialism a good idea.

June 26, 2019
Trump Truths: TrumpCare
[I find it humorous but the last I checked there wasn’t a cure for stupid.

Well, I suppose that isn’t entirely fair. A fair number of smart people believe socialism is a good idea because they believe they would be one of the special ones in power.—Joe]


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  1. Despite the aspirations every socialist or socialist like revolutionaries, when the revolution comes, it isn’t the smart people, or even the most loyal followers that end up in power. It’s the most ruthless, and the one(s) who can command the loyalty or at least buy off the Army. In short, every socialist revolutions so far has ended up indistinguishable from the medieval Feudal System.

  2. Just off the top of my head, socialism in general is the instantiation of a system of government based off the Greed, Sloth, and Envy of those that would vote for it. There is also a component of appealing to Wrath towards a designated and constantly shifting public-enemy.

    The wokeness of intersectional blah blah blah also has roots in Pride and Sloth, because if gives its devotees a smug sense of moral superiority while doing nothing that would address the supposed problems. (The historical term for this was “vainglory”, unjustifiable boasting.)

    What about Lust and Gluttony? I’m sure someone will figure out how to weaponize those in the pursuit of socialism. Mainly I think those who anticipate being in charge in the new utopia expect to get a little of those.

    • Weaponize lust and gluttony? already done. its call coveting in the Bible. but it seems to be the main component of class warfare.

  3. Well, the original quote doesn’t talk about a cure for stupid … just a treatment. Then again, what could possibly be the treatment for stupid?

    • It has been noted, in the past, that there is a treatment and cure for stupid; the same process is utilized for both. Unfortunately, civilized powers strongly discourage the use of said process and we must endure the ongoing results.

  4. Not sure it is so much stupidity, as a willful ignorance of history and human nature, mixed with the weakened amygdala created by growing up in a ridiculously safe, secure, and predictable environment that is weirdly disconnected to the harsh realities of natural laws and time.

  5. Can’t fix stupid. But I feel we could do a lot more to limit its effects!

  6. “A fair number of smart people believe socialism is a good idea ”

    Replace, ‘smart’ with ‘credentialed’ and I might tend to agree. Socialism tends toward being the purview of people ‘educated’ well beyond their intelligence. I see little evidence of smarts.

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