Quote of the day—L. Neil Smith

We are at war now, a slow-motion, sneaky Civil War. If you deal with socialists. no matter what they call themselves, as anything but your mortal enemies, who want to kill you, and cook you, and eat you (to quote Bruce Willis)—if you fall for the blandishments of their foul, demented, idiot accomplices in the Republican Party—you are inviting extermination of everything you value and hold dear.

L. Neil Smith
December 2018
Why They Hate Donald Trump
[H/T to Tam.

It’s called a 4th generation war:

One of the key components is winning the culture component. Come out of the closet as a gun owner. Take a new shooter to the range. It’s a gateway “drug” to freedom.—Joe]


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  1. I love 4GW. More insightful is Rommel’s first book.” Infantry Attacks” when he’s a field officer in WWI. You can feel maneuver warfare growing in his mind as he finds different ways to defeat his enemies.

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