Quote of the day—Sharon Wehrly

As sheriff of Nye County, I agree with Sheriff Watts: I will not participate in the enforcement of this new law and certainly won’t stand silent, while my citizens are turned into criminals due to the unconstitutional actions of misguided politicians who, for the most part, are trying to do the right thing.

Sharon Wehrly
March 7, 2019
Sheriff of Nye County, Nevada
Letter to Governor Sisolak
[I think she is being generous with the “misguided politicians”. But I can understand why saying, “You are a bunch of evil, communists, SOBs!” would not be helpful at this point in time so I give her a pass on that.

We’ve known, and have been saying, for a long time now that the law enforcement will ignore these stupid and unconstitutional gun laws. We now have proof, not just anonymous polling data, in several states, that much of law enforcement is on our side on this issue. And this one is about simple background checks! This isn’t about something as extreme as banning most semi-automatic guns.

If the political left does not, or cannot, pull themselves out of this downward spiral into a confrontation we could see their first trials in a few years or perhaps even months. Give them fair warning. Tell them to enjoy their trials. Give them these links http://bit.ly/EnjoyYourTrial1 for private citizens and http://bit.ly/EnjoyYourTrial2 for government employees.—Joe]


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  1. One way she could have made it better is by pointing out that her actions are in fact mandated by her oath of office.

  2. Unfortunately not all law enforcement agencies will take this line and it will mostly be Sheriffs that do. State and municipal departments will be much more likely to toe the political line and they are more numerous. Do not expect agency to arm up against agency.

    Anyone who stands with us, particularly those in law enforcement are welcome, but we should not be over confidant because of it. There is still much to do.

  3. The sheriffs will be choked financially. And the main tactic is to shut down the industry behind guns. this is what were seeing in Oregon. Limiting magazines to 5 rounds, and ammo transfer to 20 rounds per month means no industry will ship mags. or ammo into Oregon. Wait out the baby boomers,(10 yrs.). selectively enforce the law on your enemies, (Lavoy Finicum). and its pretty much game over for us. and party on the A.O.C. generation. Wish them LUCK, its all their going to have to eat.

  4. Yeah, she had me up until the “trying to do the right thing” bit.

    One does not violate basic rights, even calling for further violations, while trying to do the right thing. This is like saying that, as a law enforcement officer, you refuse to cooperate with organized robbers and rapists, “who, for the most part, are trying to do the right thing.”. You’re not going to arrest them of course; they’re just trying to make a life for themselves after all. Rather, you’re going to be bold and brave and take a stand by refusing to cooperate with them on this one thing while cooperating with them on everything else.

    If anyone has a way in which we can overcome an enemy that we cannot or will not recognize, I’d like to hear about it. Otherwise, fighting only against the puppets, pawns, rodeo clowns, and phantoms, and partnering with shills, we’re in a forever proxy war that will inevitably defeat us via ablation of our strengths, bleeding of our resources and attrition of our numbers.

    • It was somewhat ambiguous to me who was “trying to do the right thing”. If you read it literally it says the politicians are trying to do the right thing. But when I first read it I thought she meant the citizens are trying to do the right thing. Did she say precisely what she meant?

  5. This is why I keep pushing the meme of prosecution for the civil rights infringement. We need to change the culture on our side as well playing defense. We need the will as well as the existing legal structure.

  6. As I tell people REPEATEDLY….the left would LIKE these sheriffs to enforce the law but the left is FAR happier that the law is ON THE BOOKS. Because once their it is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE to remove. And the left knows that eventually they will find a way to replace these HONEST sheriffs with quislings who WILL enforce the law. The commie left is and has ALWAYS played the ‘long game’. They would love to win it all NOW but they are happy if they succeed in gaining one tiny step out of every hundred attempts. Because they know that eventually THEY WIN.

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