Bias on display

From the New York Post:

Twenty-five of the deaths were caused by guns, 13 involved a stabbing or slashing, and four were from bludgeoning.

I find it very telling that deaths are caused by guns but knives are only involved in deaths.


9 thoughts on “Bias on display

  1. Actually, guns are the only object that was mentioned. The other forms of death were actions.

  2. And again, death by gunshot, or by any other means, is not the right metric to use when discussing criminal violence. Dying from a gunshot depends on shot placement, blood loss before treatment, time to treatment, possible infection, and so on. Most people who get shot don’t die, they get taken to an ER and patched up.

    Has total violent crime increased this year so far in New York, or did the cold winter weather slow down the ambulance response times to shootings? Anyone who answers such a question will have much, much more information than the article provides.

    • True, but asking that question and producing the answer presumes a desire to find out actual information, as opposed to a desire to push an ideology.

      • And if rights are rights, then the total and true information isn’t of much practical use except possibly in the allocation of law enforcement and justice system resources. It becomes academic (i.e. essentially worthless) in regard to legislation. Otherwise, the primary reason to look into this stuff at all is to find, or rather to help fabricate, some at least marginally plausible excuses for perpetrating wholesale rights violations.

        It isn’t the collected data which drives the desire to violate the second amendment. It is the desire to ban guns which drives the information collection (and manipulation).

        In contrast, and to paraphrase Tam from some years ago; even if everyone else on the planet tried to feloniously shoot someone last night, I didn’t, so leave me alone.

        In short; we are dealing with the perpetration of a crisis mentality which is then to be used to convince the public to accept or even demand a more authoritarian system. Always and forever. That’s the whole game in a nut shell, as it has been for millennia.

        The Pharisees of old were of the same mindset, and so when presented with an alternative to authoritarianism they became murderous by way of squelching it. Rome took up the challenge, being that it was in their nature as well, and has managed to kill millions ever since.

  3. I will bet that none of the guns caused the deaths. The bullets on the other hand…..

    Yup bias is clear.

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