Quote of the day—Philip Reeves

Drive around Caracas, and you see long lines of cars waiting for hours at the few gas stations still operational.

Motorists park on highways, cell phones aloft, searching for a signal. The rich have taken refuge in luxury hotels. The poor stand in lines in the street.

Philip Reeves
March 11, 2019
‘This Is Going To End Ugly’: Venezuela’s Power Outage Drags On
[It already is ugly:

Venezuela has been in the grip of a crippling blackout for four days — and the humanitarian situation there is growing increasingly dire.

As we have been predicting (read the comments) for a long time this is ending badly.

Don’t let it happen here. We need a landslide against the socialists in 2020.—Joe]


6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Philip Reeves

  1. The socialists are in charge of vote counting in many large jurisdictions. The time for action is now, not on election day. Lots of people need to go to prison.

    • “Lots of people need to go to prison.”

      Yes, and yet we both know that it isn’t going to happen. If it were going to happen, it would have happened years and years ago.

  2. Of course the socialists’ response would be that the only reason Venezuela is having problems is because of the interference perpetrated by the evil capitalists. Unfortunately, there’s just enough truth to that assertion to make it plausible in the minds of the suffering.

    The Cubans for example have been telling themselves for generations that the American trade embargo (whatever it’s called I forget) was responsible for all of their problems, even though they could still trade with most of the world. Before their communist revolution there was also, indeed, much corruption, and much of it coming from the U.S. The story repeats itself. Thus, plausible deniability of communism’s and socialism’s “failures” has been maintained all along.

    BUT; I say that communism and socialism (collectivism, i.e. a coercion-based economy) works every time it’s tried. It enriches and empowers a scant few of the higher-ups while impoverishing and enslaving everyone else. That’s a gigantic incentive, so what’s not to understand?

    You can NOT say that socialism doesn’t work then. Oh sure; you can say that it always “fails” to live up to the selling points. But the selling points are all lies. The actual motivation is to unleash, and relish, and revel in, the power of wholesale coercion. “Hey diddley dee, a pirate’s life for me!”

    Don’t ever say it doesn’t work. It works quite amazingly well, and we all support it, one way or another.

    Everyone has fantasized about having a mob boss type character for a relative or friend. You know; someone who isn’t hindered at all by the rules and red tape, and will take “direct action” (a phrase loved by Marxists) on your behalf. I’ve also referred to this kind of fantasy as the “Pet Dragon Fantasy”. It’s been sold to us as kids, and we even think it charming and cute.

    So there it is; get people angry and blaming one another, and then offer to step in and “set things to rights”. It’s a very compelling set of tactics and it almost never, ever fails. Here in the U.S. it’s merely taking a bit longer than it did in other places, but we’ll get there.

    There’s no magic force-field which keeps the commie virus away from us, unless it be a restoration of the Protestant Reformation that led to the founding of this country in the first place, and to the term “Western Civilization”. But right now the opposite is in progress.

    • It’s sad to see the ongoing demise of Western Civilization. The only hope I see is that we will have some kind of reformation but I doubt that it will be Protestant or even religious (think Jordan Petterson).

      The left is following an anything goes path. They have no morality or guideposts for living. It’s a very empty and lonely world where everyone is competing to see who can be more outlandish than anyone else ruled by instant gradification. Nothing is valued and everything is disposiable including people who are ‘equal’ in all ways.

  3. “This is going to end ugly?” I’ll admit that no matter how bad it gets. it can always get worse. But, I think ugly has “boots on the ground” already. Thank god they don’t have guns, they would have real trouble then!

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