Quote of the day—Colion Noir

But then, progress to what? Progress to Hell?

Colion Noir
At 23:20 in Seattle: The Utopian Lie | NOIR S7E8
[Via email from Stephanie.

I knew there was a big homeless issue. Until the weather got cold late last fall there was a guy you lived on a bench in Bellevue next to the street which I drove by on the way to work. In downtown Seattle you can see tents next to parking areas on the streets. But I didn’t realize there were piles of used needles on some streets and schools had to pick up needles from the sports fields before they could use the fields.

Government officials are enabling these things (watch the video). Someone in the area dies from illegal drug use every 36 hours. And the politicians want to demonstrate their hatred, prejudice, and bigotry of gun owners who are among the most law abiding and productive members of society. Screw that. We aren’t a problem. But if they keep it up, we could be. And the police are likely to look the other way when we ignore the politicians stupid and hateful laws.

The video is a bit long and is mostly about heroin use with a little bit of gun rights stuff mixed in. But the points that really stuck with me is that Seattle city officials:

  1. Have a set of beliefs which they they cannot or will not reconcile with reality. And/or:
  2. Are deliberately attempting to destroy society.

My guess is that “progress to hell” isn’t the intent they discuss even when they talk among themselves. But they do know that is where they are headed. They are almost certainly suffering from their own addiction. An addiction to power and an addiction to a failed belief system and it’s difficult to kick their habits. And as one of the people in the video points out, 95% of junkies cannot get cleaned up until they hit bottom. And politicians are a long way from hitting bottom. They will die of old age while still a junkie.—Joe]


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  1. I do think it’s telling that several of the city/council members have announced they aren’t running for reordainment this year. Are they starting to come to grips with their own mental illness? Is hanging around with others as warped or more so than they are becoming a drag? Since they have tended to vote in a monolithic block for socio-commie interests, I’d be very interested to know why some no longer want to play the game. Maybe they have visualized the hot tar and feathers in the near future.

    I do like your idea: “We’re not a problem. But we could be.” Very stealable quote.

    • They more likely saw the indictments coming down the pike from the Trump-run FBI, and offered to disappear quietly for a lighter sentence after they are out of the public eye.

  2. AUthoritarians have never been terribly opposed to common criminals, and have at times even used them as de facto allies.

    The worst enemy and biggest fear of any authoritarian, besides other, more powerful authoritarians, is the honest, productive, capable and principled citizen with roots in the community and lots of like-minded friends. Hoards of druggies and petty thieves then, are a deturrent to the enemies of the authoritarian. It seems pretty simple, and I’ve seen this sort of thing at play even in a tiny, remote villiage of the Alaskan bush. The chief scumbag surrounds himself with allied scumbags from the community, or imports them, or purchases them, as necessary, and together they prey on the rest.

  3. “And the police are likely to look the other way when we ignore the politicians stupid and hateful laws.”

    WRONG! The police get paid by the politicians (using money taken from ‘we the people’ at figurative and if necessary LITERAL gunpoint). With amazingly rare exceptions they will ALWAYS do EXACTLY what their masters who issue their paychecks tell them to. They simply DO NOT CARE if a law, rule or command is legal, illegal, Constitutional or a violation of human rights and every moral and ethical standard humanity has ever held dear. ALL they care about is their paycheck and their ability to mete out violence with legal impunity. Don’t EVER imagine otherwise. If we start taking out the politicians who are attempting to destroy freedom we will be forced to take out the hired muscle they pay to protect them at OUR expense.

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