Quote of the day—Blurtsy TouRIOTte’s‏ @blurtsy

Yet another limp gun junkie peacocking his pew pew. #BobKeller #FuckTheNRA #GunContolNow #NRAIsATerroristOrganization


Blurtsy TouRIOTte’s‏ @blurtsy
Tweeted on April 15, 2018
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via a tweet from Jonathan‏ @CorrelA_B who says:

The fixating on strangers’ genitalia is par for the course with #guncontrol extremists – hence #MarkleysLaw (@JoeHuffman).

The simultaneous calling for the murder of ~6,000,000 peaceful Americans by way of the #NRAIsATerroristOrganization tag? Ironically, that’s why we own guns.

They declare us terrorists then we get stubborn about giving up our guns. Odd how that works out. You would think they would be smarter than that. I mean, how much dumber could they be?—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Blurtsy TouRIOTte’s‏ @blurtsy

  1. Bunch of asstards! What about all the ladies who enjoy firearms? These gun grabbers never dare to suggest that gun girls have penis issues.

    • Careful; they just might start down that road. I could see it happening, easily, and they’d probably blame men for it as a win win in their minds.

  2. About ten years ago I recall a woman who was in the Sierra Club talking about how a man in the club took a group of women to a shooting range for pistol shooting. She admitted that she found “shooting a pistol empowering.”

  3. Please don’t ask how much dumber they can get. Too many folks take that as a personal challenge.

    • Absolutely. Craziness is one of the tools of agitation in their agitation tool-bag. It’s been documented since at least as far back as the 1960s. Ayn Rand detailed some of it in Capitalism, for example.

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